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Held from September 10th to 24th, the creative residence “Loulé´s Designers” promoted the dialogue within traditional knowledge. Three designers born
Amulet Making in Thailand - Creative Experience in Sukhothai
Learn the history, Discover the philosophy of Buddhism, Discover the tangible value and intangible value And more importantly discover yourself….
 Situada en plena natura, l’Escola de Ceràmica de la Bisbal d’Empordà és un centre de creació, formació i investigació d’art,
Bamboo Weaving in Thailand
Master the technique of Bamboo Weaving in a bamboo field in Nan (Thailand). More info and creative activities in Thailand. ~
If scarecrows have always intrigued you, let’s create yours within the Barboros Oyuk Festival and discover this tradition of Urla,
History of beekeeping Who are the members of the hive: how they are born, how long they live and functions?
Biot Creative Experiences
Discover the entire catalog of Creative Experiences in Biot (in French) by cliking on the image below. Download Biot's Creative
Biot-Glass Blowing Creative Experience
Deixa't seduir per la màgia del vidre tot bufant la teva pròpia peça a Biot. Aquesta bonica població de Provença,
Ceramic and pottery workshop in Gabrovo, Bulgaria (Creative Tourism)
Every first Saturday and Sunday of the month - roll out on a pottery wheel at within the welcoming the
Ceramic classes in Thailand - Creative Tourism Activities
Motana Ceramic, the hidden art in the tranquility of Sukhothai (Thailand). Discover the love of ceramic and pottery! More info and creative
“Chez Tiff” Chocolate specialists: 100% chocolate bars and combined bars. Chocolates and Truffles Micro training: Didactic tasting and hot chocolate
Descobreixi el pastís tradicional d'Urla, el Katmer, i aprengui a cuinar-ho per impressionar a la seva família quan torni a
Be a day laborer for a day and know the customs and idiosyncrasies of Antioquia. Visit coffee farms, learn about
Bulgarian Typical Food Workshop Creative Tourism
Enjoy a delicious experience and cook some authentic bulgarian food with other food-lovers in a cozy atmosphere. Bulgaria offers so
What a better way to discover a culture than learning about local cooking! These classes will give you the opportunity
In this tour you visit a typical market of the city and then move to a restaurant where with the
Your memory through the history of Sukothai, Thailand. From one to three hours, create your own Sukhothai  pattern and paint it
Una bicicleta blava amb flors al final d’un carrer estret al centre històric de la Bisbal ens dóna la benvinguda
Alguna vegada es va preguntar com cuinar una carxofa? El Festival Internacional de la Carxofa d'Urla li donarà l'ocasió de
In this tour you can visit one of the main market squares of the city while you have the pleasure
CREATIVE GLASS WORKSHOP in Gabrovo Bulgaria (Creative Tourism)
Be part of a colorful fairytale, under the guidance of experienced masters and artists, you will be able to explore
It is almost 6 pm on May 22th, when we leave the Rambla Catalunya for the small streets of the
Specialists in unique pieces, haute couture, accessories and jewelry, KdeKoseKose offers workshops related to fashion "made in Ibiza", which will allow
Immers en l'estudi dels artesans, experimentaràs les diferents etapes de fabricació de ceràmica, des de la matèria primera fins a