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Lantern Making in Thailand Creative Activity
In Nan, a beautiful little town in the North of Thailand, learn how to make your own typical Lanna Lantern
Situated in the countryside, the ceramic school of la Bisbal is a creation, training and art research center, highly rooted
Cooking and workshops on fixed dates all year long, and during the special events, also opened the first week-end of
Trás-Os-Montes is a region with many traditions and ancients beliefs. During one of its festivals, inhabitants wear colorful costumes and
Merit Creation in Thailand - Creative Activity
You want to experience a unique activity in Thailand? Try the Merit Making Workshop of Tung Ka King and get
Há poucos anos Loulé era uma terra de oleiros, um comércio com saberes e técnicas ancestrais. Desfrute de uma atividade
Come to Mosaiccos and initiate yourself to the “Trencadís” method of Gaudí. You will have the opportunity to experiment this Catalan colorful art with
No Museu da Ilha da entrada, você aprenderá a criar uma armadilha de lagosta, típica da ilha. Uma divertida aventura
  One of the best ways to appreciate the beauty of the Tuscany countryside is by painting it ! Just
Pambiliño Reserve & Educational Farm is an Independent Conservation Project, and a space where nature itself teaches the forgotten knowledge
The Arví Park is a natural reserve of 1,700 hectares located 30 minutes from the center of the city. In
If you are born with a soul of a poet, you will feel inspired by Urla’s famous writers and poets.
Some years ago, Comuna 13 was known as one of the areas of greatest conflict in Medellín. Today, thanks to
This artificial hill made entirely of garbage currently houses a 7-hectare garden built by the community. In this place you
Meet one of the best private collections of orchids in the country (more than 5,000 species and hybrids), go through
Guided tours of the most emblematic places of each rhythm. Enjoy a live presentation of a couple of dancers and
Art of furniture construction inlaid with wood, shell, bone, mother-of-pearl and metals. The Bargueños furniture are themost representative one. This
Do you have trouble finding the perfect shoes? In Tuscany, nothing could be easier! The workshops of Tuscan artists are opening
The silleteros are peasants, from the village of Santa Elena, who keep alive the tradition of making silletas, large structures
Do you want to discover Barcelona keeping a souvenir created by yourself? Xavi Julià, a draftsman living in Barcelona, proposes
Biot-Glass Blowing Creative Experience
Deixe-se seduzir pela magia do vidro ao soprar sua própria peça em Biot. Esta encantadora cidade da Provença, que inspirou
Enjoy Portuguese nature while following a shepherd’s journey and turn you into one for a day.
Thai Creative Art in Thailand Creative Experience
Learn how to express yourself through Thai performing art. More info and creative activities in Thailand. ~ with the help