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What a better way to discover a culture than learning about local cooking! These classes will give you the opportunity
Discover Urla’s traditional pastry named Katmer and learn how to cook it to impress your family back home.
In this tour you visit a typical market of the city and then move to a restaurant where with the
For more than 35 years, Neus Bahí opens the doors of its laboratory to all those who are looking for
Original experience in Thailand - Create your own Sukhothai pattern in Thaïland (2)
Your memory through the history of Sukothai, Thailand. From one to three hours, create your own Sukhothai  pattern and paint it
In this Workshop, we will create an Artist Book with a star-shaped or mobile format, we will start stamping our
Espai Màgic is a space where children can participate throughout the year in workshops during which they can recreate according
In this tour you can visit one of the main market squares of the city while you have the pleasure
Figs are a very abundant fruit in the Algarve hills. Its versatility results, throughout centuries, in a frequent use in
La Méduse proposes Art glass-blowing workshops for beginners: the workshops give people the chance to live a special experience in the
CREATIVE GLASS WORKSHOP in Gabrovo Bulgaria (Creative Tourism)
Be part of a colorful fairytale, under the guidance of experienced masters and artists, you will be able to explore
In her restaurants near the coasts of the Cap aux Meules island, cook Johanne Vigneau will give you a one-in-a-lifetime
It is almost 6 pm on May 22th, when we leave the Rambla Catalunya for the small streets of the
Art Street of Malgaca is the place to be if you want to co-create local handmade products and to meet
Creating his unique beer under the Ibiza sun… no you are not dreaming, it’s indeed possible with Ibosim Experiences. For
Discover the very wide array of creative experiences to be lived in Japan, HERE!
Lucena is undoubtedly the place-to-be to experience the jewish music where this art has been shaping the culture for years. Moreover,
Specialists in unique pieces, haute couture, accessories and jewelry, KdeKoseKose offers workshops related to fashion "made in Ibiza", which will allow
Attend a demonstration at the artisanal soap shop "La Fille de la Mer", or take part in a fabrication workshop!
Lantern Making in Thailand Creative Activity
In Nan, a beautiful little town in the North of Thailand, learn how to make your own typical Lanna Lantern
Situated in the countryside, the ceramic school of la Bisbal is a creation, training and art research center, highly rooted
Discover the very wide array of creative experiences to be lived in Italy, HERE!
Cooking and workshops on fixed dates all year long, and during the special events, also opened the first week-end of
Go on a stone hunt on the beaches of the Island to make your own masterpiece! Polish and make your