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  • Ceramic workshop in Namur

    You have always wanted to make your own cup, your bowl or your candle jar? Marie Christine, Michel, Charles or Françoise will share with you their passion for the clay so that you can fulfill this wish. An immersion in the heart of the ceramic as enriching as it is surprising awaits you! For more […]

  • Antemoro papermaking in Madagascar

    Have you ever written on Antemoro paper? No ? Why not make it yourself! In the heart of Malagasy handicrafts, paper is part of a real tradition. The papers are embellished with natural flowers to create a unique and original work, allowing you to let go your creativity. For more information

  • Art Zafirmaniry – Madagascar

    Do you know the art Zafimaniry? This is the know-how of woodworking of the Zafirmaniry, recognized as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Those workshops of ancestral sculptures allow you to discover the culture, the history and the local traditions while letting your creativity go! For more information

  • Taller de producció musical, DJ en Eivissa!

    Cursos en els quals s’aporta coneixements extensos sobri les eines i aplicacions per a la producció de música digital en tots els seus gèneres. Aprendre els diferents processos de la creació musical en uns dels bressols de la música electrònica contemporània.   Per a més informació 

  • Cardboard workshop in Loulé

    In Loulé, do not throw away your cardboard, recycle them! Creative workshops will allow you to differentiate the different types of cardboard, but also how to use them for new creations: candelabra, night tables, frames … All in the Algarve style. Combine creativity and ecology! For more information 

  • Bakery workshop in Saint Jean Port Joli

    If the bakery has always made you curious, learn the job with Charles and Emilie, best organic baker 2016! Their creativity and know-how will allow you to acquire the necessary knowledge and the different kneading techniques. Put the different breads in the oven and leave with your sourdough to cook your bread at home! For […]