Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec

Saint Jean Port Joli

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli is a very charming town situated in Quebec, on the banks of the majestic St. Lawrence River.

Named Cultural Capital of Canada in 2005 by the Canadian Heritage, the village of Saint-Jean-Port-Joli is full of artists and artisans from various artistic fields including woodcarvingcontemporary sculpture, stained glass, contemporary dance , music and singing 

Essential tourist townSaint-Jean-Port-Joli occupies a distinctive place in the Quebec cultural scene.
Renown for its know-how and traditions, you can discover the history and especially the work of three pioneers that have promoted this picturesque village in Quebec in the Thirties Médard Bourgault (Traditional sculpture), Emilia Chamard (weaving) and Eugene Leclerc (miniature boats).

The municipality of 3,500 inhabitants shows dynamism and uncommon citizen involvement, such as through the successful  summer events like the Sculpture Biennale of Saint-Jean-Port-JoliThe Feast of sea shanties and Fleury Park concerts ; or in February with The Feast of Winter and September, with Les Violons d’Automne.
We also would like to highlight the preence of the awesome Musée de la Mémoire Vivante.

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli invites you to experience its culture in a very inspirationnal, relaxing and friendly atmosphere !



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