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The winners of the Best German Creative Destination Award have been announced! The international jury of experts in tourism marketing
The winners of the Best Italian Creative Destination Awards have been announced! Created by the international organization Creative Tourism Network®, these
The winners of the 7th edition of the Creative Tourism Awards have just been revealed. Created by the World Creative
The adaptability of creative tourism to all types of environments is well established, and what is more along these recent
Be they your destination a village, a metropolis, a region, or an island, this is your opportunity to reinvent your
“Is Creative Tourism a new Swiss Army Knife for post-covid tourism?”… This is what Caroline Couret, suggests. She gives us
Tourism is certainly one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic. However, beyond the disparities, international destinations and experts
The Municipality of Barcelos has been supporting the handicraft – one of the identity factors that most contribute to the
100 scholarships, connected from Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Puerto Octay, and Llanquihue, participated in the opening day of the School of
The City of Quito, which is a world referent for creative tourism, now also leads this trend at a national
- BECAUSE:  creative tourism’ sustainability is based on its circular economy model that consists of (co-)creating unique experiences, from existing
The Creative Tourism Network® had the honor of collaborating in the Product Show Contest (Concurso Salón de Producto de Medellín),
Creative tourism appeared as a solution for post-lockdown tourism, focused on proximity, human relationships, and experiences. French destinations and tourist
The Creative Tourism Network®, is very honored to welcome the destination Perpignan-Méditerranée among its CreativeFriendly destinations! The proposal presented by
No doubt that postcovid will set a new paradigm for the tourist industry. Destinations around the world are currently working
Last May 22d, the director of the Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline Couret, conducted a remote workshop on creative tourism for
Tourism turns out to be one of the sectors most affected by the current economic situation. However, beyond the disparity
Is Creative Tourism the new Swiss army knife of post-covid tourism? “… This is what Caroline Couret, founder of the
The Creative Tourism Network® had the honor of participating in the launch of the Integrated Territorial Program (PTI) Lago Llanquihue
Reporting optimistic and encouraging facts during a pandemic period may seem utopian or even indecent. And yet, beautiful stories can
The Creative Tourism Network® has just created three new labels to distinguish essential agents for the booming sector of creative
The winners of the 6th Edition of the Creative Tourism Awards have been revealed this January 31st after a long
The Portuguese city of Barcelos (North of Portugal), which has just received the "CreativeFriendlyDestination" label from the Creative Tourism Network®,
Creative tourism, also known as orange tourism, demonstrated once again at FITUR, which not only responds to the growing demand