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The capital of Cyprus is recognized as a creative and friendly destination within the Creative Tourism Network®, both for its
Loulé Criativo is undoubtedly one of the most successful creative tourism programmes, both in terms of the quality of the
Located in the heart of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Canada, the Magdalen Islands are the experience of a
Gabrovo ITB Berlin 2023
Gabrovo is both a town and a region with hundreds of years of history and culture, located in the "heart"
Essaouira Creative Friendly Destination
Plastic arts, music, ancestral crafts… Essaouira's many assets provide a framework for local actors to collaborate in the creation of
The Empordanet is a “Creative Friendly destination”, located in the province of Girona, on the Costa Brava - Catalonia, and
Biot Provence France
Biot is not only a charming postcard village. It has been designated a “Creative Friendly Destination” by the Creative Tourism
Barcelos Battle of Flowers
Barcelos is a territory rich in traditional and creative crafts, giving its artistic sector a sustainable and innovative character. In
Medellin creative tourism
Medellín, recognised as a “Creative Friendly Destination” by the Creative Tourism Network®, created its municipality-wide creative tourism network at the
Valparaiso creative experiences 2023
Ahead of this year’s ITB Berlin, one of the largest trade fairs for the tourism industry sector which will take
Barcelos fleurs
What's in store for Creative Friendly Destinations in 2023? Discover the experiences of our members, between tradition and innovation! Tunisie
The Culinary Route of Tunisia was presented this Tuesday, January 18, as part of Fitur, Madrid Tourism Fair. In the
Barcelos, more than a destination, an experience to live! Barcelos is a territory rich in traditional arts and crafts that
Empordanet, a paradise to live authentic experiences near the Costa Brava (between Girona and Barcelona).  The Empordanet is a labeled
Magdalen Islands, once in a lifetime creative experience in Quebec!   Located in the heart of the Gulf of St.
Loulé Criativo is undoubtedly one of the most successful creative tourism programs in various aspects: both in terms of the
Medellín, a #CreativeFriendlyDestination certified destination, creates its creative tourism network. Medellín, a CreativeFriendlyDestination certified destination, by the World Creative Tourism
Llanquihue Lake Creative Destination invites you to live the natural and cultural heritage in southern Chile        
The city of Valparaiso is a place-to-do for creative tourism! Its inspiring atmosphere and its friendly people are an invitation
Quito, the Capital of the Center of the World and also Creative! Quito's geographical location and its importance throughout history
Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, a creative gem in Québec ! Saint-Jean-Port-Joli is a little gem among the destinations labeled CreativeFriendlyDestinations by the Creative
Tunisia, the culinary and creative destination for new travellers looking for authentic experiences! The Culinary Route of Tunisia: a new
Delegación en Encuentro de Distritos Creativos de Bogotá_Creative Tourism Network
          The third year of implementation of the Integrated Territorial Program Lago Llanquihue Creative Destination, promoted
The Creative Tourism Awards are coming to their 9th edition in full expansion, with the creation of new modalities of