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    Medellín, a #CreativeFriendlyDestination certified destination, creates its creative tourism network. Medellín, a CreativeFriendlyDestination certified destination, by the World Creative Tourism Network – Creative Tourism Network® – has just created its Creative Tourism Network at the city level.   – The initiative was born from the alliance between the Medellín Mayor’s Office and the Antioquia Technology […]


    Nicosia, a mediterreranean creative destination  Nicosia will be promoted at FITUR as a labelled Creative Friendly Destination. The capital of Cyprus received this label from the Creative Tourism Network®, both for its creative offer and its innovative and sustainable vision of tourism. Indeed, the city of Nicosia is highlighting among Mediterranean destinations for its sustainable […]


    Perpignan-Méditerrannée, creative tourism as an immersive experience to live the French-catalan culture. PERPIGNAN MÉDITERRANÉE, a Franco-Catalan destination, enjoys a unique dual identity. The art of living, gastronomy and French craftsmanship happily mingle with Catalan culture, its traditions and its values of generosity, sharing and conviviality. Take advantage of its creative tourism experience offers to explore […]


    Llanquihue Lake Creative Destination invites you to live the natural and cultural heritage in southern Chile                         Lake Llanquihue, in southern Chile, is the second largest lake in the country. With an area of 860 km², this hydrographic basin marks the passage of culture […]


    The city of Valparaiso is a place-to-do for creative tourism! Its inspiring atmosphere and its friendly people are an invitation to participate in its wide array of creative workshops, that make you discover all the aspects of the local culture, from gastronomy to photography, passing through painting, upcycling, music, and dance! Creativity is part of […]


    Quito, the Capital of the Center of the World and also Creative! Quito’s geographical location and its importance throughout history have allowed the city to be home to various cultural events and syncretism. The tourist development of the city and the diversification of the sector have promoted creative tourism. An offer that concentrates a new […]


    Recife, Capital of Creativity. Recife is more that its kilometres of heavenly beaches: under the boiling sun, people create, innovate, inspire, do, and do again!  The Brazilian city was named Capital of Creativity for its reach intangible heritage and vibrant creative industries! From the delicious bolo de rolo to the countless dances and festivals, Recife’s […]


    Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, a creative gem in Québec ! Saint-Jean-Port-Joli is a little gem among the destinations labeled CreativeFriendlyDestinations by the Creative Tourism Network®.  This charming Quebec village located on the south shore of the majestic St. Lawrence River was named Cultural Capital of Canada in 2005 by Canadian Heritage and Best Creative Destination 2015. The village […]


    Tunisia, the culinary and creative destination for new travellers looking for authentic experiences! The Culinary Route of Tunisia: a new tourism co-creation offer that invites travelers to discover Tunisia’s culinary heritage through creative experiences, based around six flagship products.   Tunisia owns all the assets to seduce travellers in search of authentic and human cultural […]

  • Unveiled the winners of the Creative Tourism Media Awards 2022!

    The winners of the Creative Tourism Awards 2022 have just been unveiled!

    Created by the World Creative Tourism Network®, these awards aim to honor outstanding works in the journalism and media area in general, that focus on creative tourism all around the world, and through different ways.

    Tourism has evolved considerably in recent years, and journalists, reporters, and communicators are the best guarantors of these changes. This is why the Creative Tourism Network® wants to reward all those who have had the curiosity, audacity, and generosity to deal with creative tourism from all angles!

    The jury of the Creative Tourism Media Awards, composed of international experts in media, tourism, and creative economy, elected the winners among quite a hundred applications, allocated in different categories, among them: Best Article, Best Travel Report, Best Video Documentary, Best Promotional spot or campaign, Best Blog (post), Best podcast/radio program.

    The main criteria were the innovative vision and the sensitivity for human and community-based tourism. High-level professionals, from the USA, Brazil, the U.K., Croatia, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, and Catalonia, stood out for their talent and creative eye on sustainable tourism! 

    The director of the Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline congratulated these brilliant professionals “who highly contribute to accelerating the changing mindsets towards more human and virtuous tourism.”

    Best Creative Tourism Video Documentary



    Best Travel Report



    Best Creative Tourism Blog


    Best Creative Tourism Short and Long Article


    Best Creative Tourism Promotional Spot


    Best Creative Tourism Podcast

    Best Article on Intangible Heritage

    Salvador Giné, Catalonia