• Creative Tourism Network

    BTL Lisboa welcomes a seminar on creative tourism

    Tourism professionals and delegates of local governments participated in the Seminar on Creative Tourism organized by the Creative Tourism Network® within the framework of the BTL – International Tourism Fair of Lisbon. Representatives of the Creative Tourism Network®, as well as of destinations like Loulé (Algarve, Portugal) or Porto Alegre (Brazil) shared their experiences and Best practices with stakeholders willing […]

  • Douro-VinhosCreativeTourism

    Wine Tourism in Douro

    Portuguese wine is known as one of the best European wine. Discover the beautiful landscapes surrounding the cellars and learn how to produce wine just before a wine-tasting that makes you appreciate the savors of Douro.

  • Douro-LareiraCreativeTourism

    Visit a farmer’s house

    During your visit, let you guide by the stories of a famer and learn how to smoke the fireplace with him and all your family!

  • Douro-MácaraCreativeTourism

    Make your own traditional mask from Trás-Os-Montes

    Trás-Os-Montes is a region with many traditions and ancients beliefs. During one of its festivals, inhabitants wear colorful costumes and frightening masks to repulse evil spirits from their villages. Immerse yourself in this tradition and create your own mask with Portuguese craftsmen.


    Cooking Classes in Douro

    What a better way to discover a culture than learning about local cooking! These classes will give you the opportunity to elaborate your own bread, your own jam or even liqueurs with fresh local products.