• Creative Tourism Network

    BTL Lisboa welcomes a seminar on creative tourism

    Tourism professionals and delegates of local governments participated in the Seminar on Creative Tourism organized by the Creative Tourism Network® within the framework of the BTL – International Tourism Fair of Lisbon. Representatives of the Creative Tourism Network®, as well as of destinations like Loulé (Algarve, Portugal) or Porto Alegre (Brazil) shared their experiences and Best practices with stakeholders willing […]


    CREATIVE TOURISM NETWORK® PRIVACY POLICY Updated: May 24, 2018 The Creative Tourism Network® as a non-profit entity based in Barcelona, C/ Consell de Cent 08007 –  is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and take their obligations under the GDPR. As a result, Creative Tourism Network® has implemented practices, procedures and systems to comply […]

  • medellin Creative Tourism Network

    Exotic fruit tour

    In this tour you can visit one of the main market squares of the city while you have the pleasure of trying different exotic fruits that are only found in Colombia, the number one country in the world in biodiversity of fruits.

  • mercados-campesinos Creative Tourism Network

    Cooking workshops Colombian food

    In this tour you visit a typical market of the city and then move to a restaurant where with the company of a recognized local chef you learn to prepare traditional dishes like mondongo, sancocho or ajiaco.

  • graffiti Creative Tourism Network

    Tours to enjoy street food

    Medellin has small spaces in all its corners to enjoy unique flavors. On this tour you can try more than 6 different meals and taste a cup of the highest quality coffees in the world.