Loulé, Portugal


Loulé is the most populous council of the Algarve. Its numerous celebrations, festivals, exhibitions, markets, fairs and processions, make this council a reference in creativity. Carnival´s parade, Festival Med, theme markets, processions, exhibitions and conferences are events which, for their artistic, traditional, musical or gastronomical component, allow presenting several professionals still working in the area of traditional arts and crafts. Using these remaining resources, mainly in the unpopulated areas of the council, will bring the visitor close to locals, putting them in contact with cultural authenticity, giving them the opportunity to learn ancient techniques in an authentic environment with local masters. Thus, Loulé proposes to battle against mass tourism and present a different Algarve, with soul, tradition and heritage through the project Loulé Criativo.




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Potencial do «Turismo Criativo» já convenceu Loulé

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