March 2014

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  • Creative tourism in Galicia

    Put the Face to Tourism, is an initiative that offers the visitors the opportunity to discover Galicia and its culture by taking part in artistic activities with its inhabitants. Natural cosmetic courses, cooking and clothing classes,  visits to artists’ workshops and factories, wine tourism, photographic routes, and a long etc.. Put the face to tourism […]

  • Presentation of the Creative Tourism Network in Paris

    The presentation of the Creative Tourism Network, held in Paris last tuesday 7th of february, gathered attendees from different sectors: from directors of tourism office, to tour operators, through journalists, they all expressed their interest for the network. The presentation was followed by a fruitfull exchange.

  • Tourism: new needs, new oportunities

    The presentation of the Creative Tourism Network within the conference on Tourism: new needs, new oportunities held last October 20th in St Denis (Paris), was enthusiastically received by the representants of institutions and professionals that consider creative tourism an interesting tool to combine tourist development and social cohesion.