WorldTourismDay: Tourism will be creative or it will not be!









Tourism will be creative or it will not be!

This is the leitmotif of the campaign launched by the Creative Tourism Network ® (CTN) –  as part of the celebrations of World Tourism Day, this September 27.

More than a slogan, convictions, those which led to the creation of the CTN in 2006, when the tourist industry only responded to the standardized mechanisms of Fordist tourism. The meeting with Professor Greg Richards, author of the concept of creative tourism was decisive in putting a name to these new requests from travelers in search of unique experiences which were becoming more and more numerous, particularly in Barcelona, ​​where the team of the Creative Tourism Network created the first city-level creative tourism program (2004).

Two decades later, and to pay tribute to this inclusive, “bottom-up” and transversal tourism, the Creative Tourism Network® invites the actors of this tourism spread all over the world within the destinations labeled CreativeFriendlyDestination by the CTN , as well as the professionals who, craftsmen or strategists, to share their passion for this virtuous tourism.

This is how this September 27, CTN inaugurates a platform of video messages that will continue to grow, within which actors and activists from all walks of life are invited to share their attachment to this sustainable tourism, whose virtues in terms of authenticity and sustainability  were even highlighted by the pandemic

From the Magdalen Islands (Quebec) to Medellin (Colombia), Essaouira (Morocco), Recife (Brazil), Jinju (South Korea), via Barcelona, Nicosia, Gabrovo,  Chile, or Portugal,  destinations of all types have, for years, adopted this model of circular tourism, until integrating it into their Ministries.

We invite you to share these beautiful synergies!