Wonderful Indonesia: BestCreativeDestination

The winners of the 7th edition of the Creative Tourism Awards have just been announced and the grand winner of these World Creative Tourism Trophies … consecrated Best Creative Destination is … Indonesia!

The inspiring beauty of its landscapes, the richness of its intangible heritage, the generosity, and the warm welcome of its population, make it a paradise for creative tourism…

In competition with 76 destinations from all over the world, Wonderful Indonesia, won over an International Jury already convinced by the innovative vision of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, whose implementation of sustainable programs created synergies between the sectors of tourism, Creative Industries, crafts, and local communities.

The candidacy presented by the Ministry actually referred to the activities offered to tourists – whether local or international – allowing them to live experiences related to crafts, gastronomy, fashion, traditions, and thus 17 thematic sectors, to which the Ministry also provides its support, in the form of training, support for SMEs, international promotion, among a large number of accompanying measures.

A Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries considered as THE model at the global level within such a paradigm shift.

The Jury strongly congratulates the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia for its excellence in all these areas.



There is a proverb in Indonesian, “Tak kenal maka tak sayang,” which means, “Get to know us and you will love us.”

Therefore, let’s find out more about the beauty of Wonderful Indonesia!

● What is Wonderful Indonesia?

Wonderful Indonesia is a commitment from Indonesia to the whole world that with all its natural and cultural richness, Indonesia will always be the right destination for everyone to savor all the wonders.

● How does Wonderful Indonesia define creative tourism?

The tourism and creative economy industries in Indonesia are governed under the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy so these two industries can go hand in hand to support each other in realizing the aim of: “Indonesia’s creative tourism that is advanced, competitive, sustainable, and promoting local virtues.”

In order to achieve the goal, the ministry is striving to be consistent in both implementing sustainable programs that benefit the local communities and optimizing creative resources, which are what actually define creative tourism in Indonesia.

Currently, aside from promoting destinations, there are 17 creative economy sub-sectors that the ministry is working on, with the main highlights on culinary, craft, and fashion.


● How can people enjoy the best of creative tourism in Indonesia?

The fact that Indonesia has limitless numbers of stunning natural magnificence and cultural richness is undisputed. Therefore, we welcome everyone to experience it firsthand with the concept of “quality tourism.” Come and stay a little bit longer to immerse yourself deeper into the tropical paradise.

Don’t just go swimming on the beach; visit the tourism villages and learn their culture. Find the legendary food hawkers and taste the local flavor.

Engage with the communities and discover hidden gems along the way. Buy some souvenirs from the traditional markets and bring something back home for a memento. Indulge all your five senses and feel the extraordinary travel sensation from the tropical paradise of Wonderful Indonesia.

● Does Wonderful Indonesia involve the local communities of the creative industry?

Yes, and in fact, it is included in the seven policy directions of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. We believe that by improving the local creative economy industry through community empowerment, enhancing tourism and creative economy governance, and encouraging the increase of investment, funding and equal access to finance, an ideal creative tourism environment can be realized.


● What makes Wonderful Indonesia unique?

Indonesia is a country blessed with plenty of wonders. The diverse culture, the magnificent nature, and everything that gives colors to the country should be celebrated and preserved by everyone. Therefore, The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia presents Wonderful Indonesia: a promise made for the whole world that Indonesia will always be a place for every person on Earth to enjoy the vast richness of its wonders.

Swing in the middle of the lush green atmosphere and soar your heart out. Sail through the magnificent seas and dive beneath the waters to see the aquatic miracles. Gain philosophies from the heartwarming locals that will change your life. Witness the flames of the diverse culture through many events. Pamper your tongue with delectable cuisines that you’re going to miss immediately on your way home. This is Wonderful Indonesia: an experience that will last forever.

Now that you have finally gotten to know about Wonderful Indonesia better, it’s time for you to take it a step further. Plan your trip in the near future and prepare to savor the unlimited beauty of Wonderful Indonesia!



  • About the Creative Tourism Awards:

Created by the World Creative Tourism Network®, the Creative Tourism Awards aim to reward projects and destinations around the world, which demonstrate a real commitment to this virtuous tourism.
In the wake of new economies, creative tourism offers a model of sustainable tourism that responds to the new demand of travelers in terms of authentic and creative experiences, while generating a value chain in the territories and local communities.
In order to promote good practices in creative tourism, these trophies encourage authenticity, innovation and sustainability. The main criteria were the use of creativity to design unique experiences and create an ecosystem in a local landscape.

The director of the Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline Couret, underlined “the added value brought by these winners, in a context where creative tourism has demonstrated how much creativity and human resources are essential.”

The winners will benefit from the international promotion of the Creative Tourism Network®, as well as the strategic collaborations and synergies generated within the framework of the year 2021, declared “International Year of the Creative Economy and Sustainable Development” by the United Nations.