Tunisia, a new culinary and creative destination

The International Conference on Culinary and Creative Tourism, which was held last November 28 in Tunis, was the consecration of numerous individual and collective projects that, over the last few months, have strengthened Tunisia’s positioning among the destination’s flagship of this sustainable tourism, at the international level.

This event was part of the Culinary Route of Tunisia project, (*), whose objective is to convert the richness of Tunisian culinary heritage into an experiential tourism offer, capable of attracting new travelers in search of ‘authenticity.

A circular economy approach supported by the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations, and welcomed by the Director of Tourism Market Intelligence and Competitiveness of the World Tourism Organization, Ms. Sandra Carvao, who highlighted the relevance of this project to create a value chain that involves the tourists and local communities as well as the Ministries.

This high-level meeting not only brought together renowned international experts, but was above all designed to reflect the ecosystem of this virtuous tourism, by inviting all project leaders who, throughout the country, and under various profiles – farmers, guest house owners, associations, etc. participated in the “Creation of Culinary and Creative Experiences” program led by the Creative Tourism Network® (CTN), including training, mentoring and international promotion. For its director, Caroline Couret, “this project has been a gift for the CTN’s team, as it offered us the opportunity of immersion within the local communities, and the satisfaction to co-create these new creative and human experiences. Tunisian people are exceptional and such a project could not find more fertile ground! It is now time for travelers to enjoy it!”.

In addition to a large of more than 200 professionals from various countries, the Conference benefited from privileged media coverage, thanks to the participation of French, Italian, German, Spanish, and English journalists, media such as the cultural television channel ARTE or in-flight magazines from major airlines. Their enthusiasm for the experiences of The Culinary Route of Tunisia was unanimous.

The conference was concluded by Mr. the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Mohamed Moez Belhassine, who highlighted the relevance of the Culinary Route of Tunisia to diversify the Tunisian tourist offer sustainably.

He also delivered the CreativeFriendlyDestinations labels awarded by the Creative Tourism Network® to five Tunisian destinations for their actions oriented toward the development of creative tourism: Djerba, Tozeur, Dahar, Sfax-Kerkennah and Nabeul.

The Creative Tourism Awards, also granted by the Creative Tourism Network® were delivered by Mr. Helmi Hassine, Director General of the Tunisian National Tourist Board.

A day that will mark an inflection point for the global projection of Tunisia as a culinary, sustainable and CreativeFriendlyDestination!


(*) The Tunisian Culinary Route is part of the Sustainable Tourism Promotion project, implemented by the Ministry of Tourism with the support of GIZ and jointly financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development. Development (BMZ) and by the European Union as part of its “Tounes Wijhetouna” program.