Success of the School of Entrepreneurship in Creative Tourism in Lake Llanquihue

The CreativeTourismNetwork® is very honored to have collaborated in such a brilliant project, through the conduction of workshops and mentoring. It’s director, Caroline Couret. highlighted that this model is a very pioneering one and a new model-to-follow! Congratulations to you all, and welcome Llanquihue Lake, among the CreativeFriendlyDestination! 

Please, find the release below: 

There were 11 sessions, a master class, 10 workshops, 32 hours of training and 100 participants from the School of Entrepreneurship in Creative Tourism, an activity of the Integrated Territorial Program Lago Llanquihue Destino Creativo, executed by Planeas and supported by Corfo, whose objective was to give an account of the scope and opportunities of creative tourism and at the same time, be the first effort to bring together and link two essential worlds: the creative economy with the tourism sector.

Rodrigo Carrasco, director of Corfo Los Lagos, stated that “we are convinced that we are going to contribute to the creative development of our region, with the economies of the future, the orange economy. At Corfo we believe in what we are doing and with this type of instance, in the training of people. Congratulations on the work and encouragement in what comes. “

For Manuel Perrot, manager of the Lago Llanquihue Creative Destination Integrated Territorial Program, this space was “a tremendous source of inspiration in what we have called“ creative collective intelligence ”of the school, where we have found beautiful stories worthy of being shared, so that more people can be nurtured by this positive energy. There were class sessions in which this collective intelligence manifested itself so harmoniously that it seemed to belong to a thinking organism by itself, and that is where we realize that we find a diamond in the rough, one that we must polish over time to get to shine its purest beauty. “

In an emotional closing session, the participants shared their opinion on the beautiful formative process they experienced in the Llanquihue Lake Basin:

“The school opened many doors and I am convinced that we can complement each other well among all the entrepreneurs and put together a single package to offer visitors this tremendous variety of products, experiences, culture and heritage.” Harriet Eeles, Frutillar Musical Weeks.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to get to know each other, integrate ourselves, undertake and be able to project our Lake Llanquihue Basin. I always had the dream of starting a business and how rich it was to find this school, where I met a lot of interesting people. “Ervin Azócar, musician.

“Going into class was an incredible energy bomb. I am grateful for the opportunity to network, it has been rich to have people who are available to work and for all the tools they gave us, they helped me a lot in my project. “María José Manzur, Conciencia Creativa Lab.