Quito bets on creative tourism in pandemic times

In addition to being awarded WTTC’s Safe Travels Stamp, the city of Quito seized the times of lockdown to consolidate its creative tourism offer.

If such an offer first aims for local tourism, in the short-term, Quito Tourist Board also recorded webinars, with the support of the CreativeTourismNetwork®, in order to reach the international market, once it is officially reactivated. Please, watch them here.

In an interview with our organization, the General Manager at Quito Tourism Board, Mrs. Carla Cárdenas, emphasized on Quito’s reactivation through creative tourism as “the ideal opportunity to promote this type of tourism since it allows the destination to reinvent itself and propose different things, aligned with biosafety protocols so that the visitor’s experience is unique and unforgettable, (…) mostly developed in small groups, or in a personalized way. 

Please, read the entire interview here .