Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre Creative Tourism is the first program organized in Brazil which offers its visitors new and unique learning experiences, covering local content connected to the intangible world of culture, tradition, arts and the effervescent atmosphere of the metropolis that is the gateway to the gaucha culture. There are varied options in workshops, short courses and other activities for personal development and immersion in the immaterial universe of local culture.With Creative Tourism, Porto Alegre has qualified yet another segment that is expanding the offer of products and services to tourists, while stimulating a new chain of small entrepreneurs from all areas of the creative economy to take part in the city’s Tourism.
  • Table loom weaving
  • Embroidered Mandalas
  • Porto Alegre in Wool – Great Postcards
  • Marquetry Workshop
  • Creation and Assembly of Bio Jewelry (jewelry made with material furnished by nature)
  • Crystals and Minerals South
  • Recycled leather souvenirs
  • Fandango Workshop
  • Workshop in Regional Brazilian Rhythms
  • Chimarrão (Mate Tea) workshop
  • Churrashow – Barbecue Course
  • Regional Cooking Workshop – Carreteiro de Charque (Rice Pilaf with Dried Salted Meat)
  • Course: Pocket Portuguese
  • Acrylic painting with Britto Velho
  • Object Poetry in Porto Alegre
  • Woodblock Printing – Introduction
  • Basic Drawing and Painting Exercises
  • Visit to the Porto Alegre City Administration’s Xico Stockinger Free Studio
  • Ecology in Visual Arts
  • Postcard Studio
  • Art in transit: chance encounters in Porto Alegre
  • Photo walking Tours
  • From perception to creativity: drawing in between.



1   Interested in knowing further about this brilliant project?  

Please, read the interview to Luiz Fernando Schreiner Moraes, Secretary of Tourism for Porto Alegre.





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