Pafos Region, Cyprus



Pafos region in Cyprus offers visitors the possibility to enjoy a spectacular countryside as well as to discover the island’s culture by visiting its many archaelogical and historical sites. Parfos region is THE place to go if you love culture and history! Come visiting this beautiful region and let yourself be guided by its very involved and friendly people.

The entity, Pafos Regional Board of Tourism(PRBT) is a “clever” synergy between the Private sector and Local authorities at a regional level. It is ruled by private law (giving the flexibility) and administered by 13 Board Members , all related to the tourism industry associations and organised parties chaired by the Chairman of the Pafos Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Pafos Regional Board of Tourism‘s main aims are to develop further the tourism experience offered as well as promote the region to travel, domestically and internationally. Its vision is to become even a more quality destination where visitors can participate and enjoy in a wide range of experience and will contribute towards sustainable tourism development , respecting the natural environment and cultural heritage.
The whole philosophy is based on the need to have one entity that will have the authority to design and implement actions while at the same time will act as a coordinator for tourism related issues at the regional level.

Specifically Pafos Regional Board of Tourism (PRBT) deals with product development and actions related to the enhancement of the Traveller’s experience such as in archaeological sites, places of interest, through the development of cultural routes, gastronomic, wine & nature tours rural experience, events and more.
Till today this Entity proven to be successful and the mechanism created will be the utmost tool for further development of tourism and especially creative tourism.

Local community is well involved through its members which in a way represent the area as a whole. However Pafos region is strongly linked with the local community.

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