Medellín, leadering creative reactivation

On May 29, the director of the Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline Couret, participated in a meeting on creative tourism, organized by the Mayor’s Office of Medellín, in alliance with the Greater Medellín Convention & Visitors Bureau, with the aim of creating an exchange of knowledge within this booming segment, in order to promote its reactivation and develop the creative potential of the territories under the new panorama posed by the pandemic for the sector.

She had the honor of sharing a luxury panel with Sandra Howard (director of the Greater Medellín Convention & Visitors Bureau), Juan David Belálcazar (director of the Cultural Alliance for the Historic Center), and Mónica Pabón (manager of the Center), as moderator.

All highlighted the importance of intangible heritage and creativity as articulating axes for sustainable development. In fact, this session was aimed at the recognition and social appropriation of the territories, with the presence of actors from the artistic, artisan, cultural, and tourist sectors.
Caroline Couret insisted on the leadership of Medellín, worldwide, both for the value and diversity of its creative experiences and for its pioneering model of governance, fostering co-creation between its communities and local administrations.

According to the Undersecretary of Tourism of Medellín, Ledys López Zapata, creative tourism is also almost the only segment that is developing in times of semi-confinement, thanks to the interest that arouses among local populations the search for unique experiences, in proximity environments and in small groups.

The executive director of the Medellín and Antioquia bureau Sandra Howard Taylor, concluded “Hearing from this international organization that few destinations can provide an urban mosaic with as many contrasts as those found in Medellín, means that we have a great opportunity for tourist reactivation from the city, because we truly have a differential tourist offer to encourage tourism to our region ”.

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