Medellín, Best Strategy for Creative Tourism Development

Medellín was awarded Best Strategy for Creative Tourism Development, within the 8th Creative Tourism Awards,  granted by the CreativeTourismNetwork®, the official organization for creative tourism worldwide.

In the eighth version of the award, Medellín is one of the five winners among a total of 206 candidates, from 26 countries, and received the highest recognition in its category, along with destinations, experiences, and initiatives from the United States, Spain and Morocco, who were awarded in other categories such as Best Creative Accommodation, Best Creative Experience and Best Creative Destination.

The Jury of the Creative Tourism Awards, made up of international experts in tourism sustainable and creative economy has highlighted the following assets of Medellín proposal “Creative tourism, an endeavour to community development in Medellín”:

▪ The creation of a holistic and pioneering program that not only guarantees an application practice of all the ethical and sustainability principles mentioned in its policies of territorial development but also generates synergies between diverse sectors, usually excluded from the tourism sector.

▪ The conception of a virtuous tourism model which not only contributes to avoiding negative externalities but on the contrary provides new opportunities for economic and social development for the local populations and more particularly the vulnerable groups

… More generally, the recognition f Medellín as a model in the tourism sector, due to the city’s practices in terms of governance, promoting co-creation between its communities and administrations. local.

In words of Ledys Lopez, Undersecretary of Tourism:

“We achieved this recognition for our Community Tourism Promotion and Development project, where we are working with community tourism initiatives in three phases: training, formalization, and support. We are pleased to receive this award and we will continue working so that these projects continue to be strengthened in the city”
Caroline Couret, director of Creative Tourism Network® highlighted “The great value of Medellñin in teaching us how to convert any challenge into new opportunities, by just using creativity!”

Within the catalog of creative tourism experiences compiled by this international organization, Salsa and tango or traditional cooking classes with a local chef stand out in Medellín, exotic fruit tours, experiences in silletera and coffee farms, workshops in the Moravia hill, and the interaction with the urban art of the Commune 13.

These and other creative tourism experiences in Medellin are available at