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In the heart of Nord-Pas de Calais – France’s Region of Museums – the towns around Louvre-Lens offer visitors a rich variety of collections.

Alongside the permanent exhibitions are temporary shows such as ‘Roulez Carrosses’ at Arras – a display of carriages on loan from Versailles – which have stretched artistic boundaries. Ancient and modern blend seamlessly together here – proof that art is alive, well and thriving across the region.

Blessed with a rich cultural and historic heritage, the towns of Nord-pas de Calais are lively and dynamic. Louvre-Lens stands at the heart of Lens-Liévin, designated ‘Pays d’Art et d’Histoire’ and not far from Arras, which – like four other towns across the region – carries the label ‘Ville d’Art et d’Histoire’. This prestigious award reflects the area’s authentic bell towers, beautiful squares and historic districts.

Man has left his mark on the landscape of Nord-Pas de Calais across the centuries with merchant towns, mining and industrial centres, green countryside and fishing harbours … right up to the madness of the two wars which transformed the region so dramatically. Memories of days gone by are still vivid in the hearts of the people who rebuild and restore their heritage, giving new life to these reminders of important local history.

Everyone can play the king in this region. People love an excuse for a street festival, whether a traditional party like Dunkerque Carnival with its procession of giants and outdoor flea market, or some kind of contemporary arts festival.

Creative Experiences :

  • Creative workshops within the Louvre-Lens Museum
  • Artcratfs workshops
  • Carnival activities
  • Festivals


Louvre-Lens, news & medias :

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