Istra Inspirit (Croatia)

“ We offer our visitors not only a show, but also an experience that is full with different emotions ”

How would you introduce Istra Inspirit ?

We as an Istra Inspirit team, we try to use wonderful cultural heritage and tradition that is hidden in picturesque Istrian locations as an inspiriation in developing storytelling experiences.  Our visitors start a journey through time full of „wow“ moments, feelings, music, dance and songs. They can see how Istrian legends, myths and stories come alive with our professional actors. 

Which creative experiences define you the best ?

During the five – year activity a large number of Istrian towns and sites are included in the project, of which especially stands out Inspirit experience in the medieval town Dvigrad in Kanfanar, where you can meet with the legendary Captain Henry Morgan and his crew. All his visitors can be included in the real pirate party in authentic ambience of Dvigrad. They dance and sing with the pirates and go in a treasure hunt, with treasure hidden where the visitors least expect it. 



What is the added-value of your project in terms of innovation and authenticity ?

We offer our visitors not only a show, but also an experience that is full with different emotions.  After the show, you can also hang with our actors and have fun with them. Istra Inspirit is an unique combination of theater, music, dance, songs, acting and reviving untold stories. It can be at one place, it can be a walking tour through the city, but in both cases visitors learn about Istria and its history at authentic locations and places. 

Would you like to add something ?

Istra Inspirit is still developing its offer and is trying continuously to interpretate cultural heritage across the peninsula. As an inspiration to us we still use Istrian legends and myths, as well as our visitors to whom we want to provide a memorable experience that they want to revisit. We also redesigned and refreshed our website wich you can visit,and read more about the project. 

April 2017

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