Interview with Thomas Ays, Head Official for Tourism and Cultural Marketing of Bad Säckingen (Germany)

Best German Creative Destination Awards is an initiative created by the international organization Creative Tourism Network® with the aim of enhancing and promoting German tourist destinations that focus on culture, creativity, and intangible heritage to reinvent their tourism model. The call is one of the various projects promoted by the global creative tourism network in 2021, declared by the United Nations “International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development”.

Bad Säckingen was awarded as “Best German Creative Rural Destination” 

On this occasion, we interviewed the head official for tourism, Thomas Ays. Bad Säckingen was awarded above all for its romantic charm and alternative approach in creating a cultural tourist offer capable of involving the local community and allowing tourists to engage in the city’s long tradition in the field of music and the performing arts and those participatory programs emerging from it.

Congratulations on your deserved victory. Why do you believe it’s important to promote creative/experiential tourism in your destination?

Creativity and tourism are inextricably linked. We are particularly challenged in tourism marketing to keep our finger on the pulse of both the times and the people and their needs and desires. Only then can destination marketing work. We have to make sure that people are as enthusiastic about our city as we are.

What are, in your opinion, the intangible heritage resources (gastronomy, traditions, music, crafts, etc.) of your territory with greater tourist potential?

Joseph Victor von Scheffel wrote the “Trumpeter of Säckingen” about our beautiful city. Since then, literature, art, and music have not only been a part of the people here but also of the DNA of Bad Säckingen. The trumpeter and the cat Hiddigeigei can therefore be found on many corners of the old town. We are very interested in presenting theme-related events around the trumpeter, music, or literature. Both Säckingen history, as well as trumpet competitions and an atmospheric poetry slam.

Given the various opportunities in your area, what kind of creative tourism are you focusing on right now?

Our mix of engaging print material that also always connects to our online themes and our social media is what makes us successful and our creative work. We want to reach as many people as possible on different channels. The highly motivated and dedicated team is passionate and passionate about our guests. This transports to the guest, which hopefully invites them to visit us. And to come back.


Thomas Ays, Head Official for Tourism and Cultural Marketing of Bad Säckingen (Germany)

Tom verkleinert

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