Galit Reismann, TLVstyle (Israel)

TLVStyle - Creative Tourism NetworkWould you please present us TLVstyle? How was it born? What are the aims? 

In January 2012 I established the first fashion tourism company in Israel called: TLVstyle with the vision of creating a service which will bridge between the Israeli creative communities and worldwide visitors. I strive to create dialogs, engage, inspire and connect my guests to the pulse of our place and its creativity thought the fashion and design scene. To expose a new angle of the evolving fashion industry and introduce our human source of designers, meeting them one on one in a behind the scene experience; in their apartments, studios and showrooms.

As a Tel-Avivian in my heart I understood that Israel is globally recognized as a dynamic and thriving fashion center with the city of Tel Aviv leading the way. I wanted to expose the world to the special story Tel Aviv has to offer than other fashion capitals in the world. Since in Tel Aviv we don’t have fashion heritage or fashion culture my mission is to expose and celebrate our unique fingerprints and spirit.

The vision of the company appears to me one night. Before establishing the business I was distributing Israeli fashion accessories to the US market. I was flying frequently to NYC and participant in more than 35 trade shows. Back then I started to shape my understanding that I am kind of ambassador and proudly represent the Israeli designers. However I was doing business with US buyers and was less and less connected to my local people and city. One night, that I couldn’t sleep, the answer for my inner call appears like hologram on the celling; I saw a tringle that each triangle side represents one of my passions: Tel Aviv, the creative community and internationals. And I knew immediately how to combine all. When I woke up I knew that I am going to establish the first fashion Tourism in Israel.

What kind of activities do you propose? 

TLVstyle services offer diverse services from tailor-made tours to special panels with topics such as textile or the slow fashion, as well as pop-up events and lectures for individuals, groups and international journalists, missions (Jewish federations, women organizations, and philanthropies).

Each service is uniquely designed to crack the code of the Israeli innovative fashion by unique way of ideas, forms and materials.

Who are the visitors who participate in your activities?

I have been honored to lead tours for clients visiting from over 15 countries. Although most of my clients are visiting from the US, I enjoyed hosting internationals also from Australia, Europe, South America and more. I can define all of my clients as people who are curious to immerse themselves in a place and became insiders and are willing to learn closely about the life from unique perspective. TLVstyle clients are not only fashionistas or professionals, but the one who is open minded, with a traveler soul, love people and looking for unique experiences.

TLVstyle (…) highlights the humans, opens the door to the living and working forms of artists and designers, showing the different neighborhoods, exposes the creative energy that TLV has to offer – and in that way promote the uniqueness of the city in a fashionable way.

 Do you have any defined target? Or are you also interested in the mainstream tourism?

The main TLVstyle target market is the incoming tourism. Visitors that usually are not the “first timers”, but already been in Israel and visited the “must see” as the holly and historical places, and now are looking to deepen their experiences. The clients are mostly women who are connected to the cultural side of a place and love to explore fashion, art and unique craft. They are people who enjoy insider and personal meetings.

The fashion tours can be defined as niche tours and invite those customers who are looking for a unique and personal experience led by a private guide. These are usually less appealing to visitors from mainstream tourism.

What’s the way you work with the local creators? – In which way do your project benefit to the locals? – To the promotion of Tel Aviv? 

TLVstyle is serving as catalyst for creativity, innovation and partnerships in the Israeli design arena. In my activity I work with the whole community from emerging designers to the established one; highlight talents and Israelite creation. Expose the designers directly to the visitors; create business opportunity, friendship and deliver knowledge.

TLVstyle is a platform that exposes the designers to meet with new audience in their studios, with the value of creating business opportunities for the young generation of designers; by selling products or been invited for projects in Israel and outside Israel. TLVstyle helps the community to grow independently and business wise in the global market.

TLVstyle tells the story of Tel Aviv through the fashion scene. The service highlights the humans, opens the door to the living and working forms of artists and designers, showing the different neighborhoods, exposes the creative energy that TLV has to offer – and in that way promote the uniqueness of the city in a fashionable way.

What are TLVstyle projects in short and mid-term? 

In the short term TLVstyle is aiming to continue with the local fashion tours, expending the activity and hosting more and more internationals visiting Israel for a unique experience. I believe in the tour’s platform as a real engagement allowing visitors to become true ambassadors for our community.

In the mid-long term I divided my answer to two:

  1. Curate and promote content events; panels, pop-up and lectures for Jewish communities in the world to deepen the connection and reach new audience that are not travel to Israel and may be interested of learning about our talents and community.
  2. Develop the global fashion tourism platform to create a market place for all fashion tourism services in the world and connect fashion lovers with creators and travelers.

All channels and activities in Israel and abroad will enrich each other and complete the main mission of telling the story of our unique fashion industry!



Israeli tastemaker, entrepreneur, curator and fashion-content expert Galit Reismann decided to combine her passion for fashion with her deep connection to Tel Aviv. Her initial concept was to expose visitors to the inside of Israel’s emerging fashion design scene. With a keen interest to meet people of different walks of life and cultures, Galit decided to create a service which would serve as a hub: connect, engage and promote Israeli fashion, hence she founded TLVstyle.
Galit brings to TLVstyle a rich professional experience in media management, fashion and export. Previously, Galit helped Israeli designers to establish new markets, primarily in the U.S, where she worked with procurement managers and buyers. As the driving force behind TLVstyle, Galit aims to promote fashion tourism by exposing upcoming Israeli designers and their unique fingerprint to international audiences in experiential an innovative ways.
From customized tours, to events and special projects, Galit manages to tailor and curate exquisite encounters  ith Israeli  fashion makers and provide them with the recognition they deserve.



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