Recife, Capital of Creativity.

Recife is more that its kilometres of heavenly beaches: under the boiling sun, people create, innovate, inspire, do, and do again! 

The Brazilian city was named Capital of Creativity for its reach intangible heritage and vibrant creative industries! From the delicious bolo de rolo to the countless dances and festivals, Recife’s cultural heritage is rich and unique. Whether it’s about innovation, colour, rhythm, sound, flavour and expression, Recife is reinvention.

From the best museums in Latin America to the richest gastronomic heritage in the region, without forgetting the Frevo and the timeless ritual of the Maracatu, Recife is a referent for the creative tourists who can experience the local culture through a wide array of authentic proposals that go from a cooking class at Ilha de Deus, to frevo dancing workshops or photographic routes, among many others! Everyone will find beauty in the local culture and its artistic neighbourhoods.

One of its best creative experiences: “Recife is Always Carnival”! Defining a neighborhood full of similarities and so plural at the same time is not an easy task. In the Bomba do Hemetério, everything is artistic, everything is generous, everything is unique. The first community-based cultural tour is a destination in an urban area, organized within a local development strategy, Bomba do Hemetério is the region that best reflects the root culture in Recife. The cultural center offers diverse and alternative tours, itineraries, workshops and gastronomic delights, in which secrets, details and charms reveal themselves little by little

 The city of Recife has always been a cradle of cultures and such a potential is now cleverly and sustainably converted into attractiveness for the new generations of travelers and a value chain that benefit to the local communities thanks to the pioneering Strategic Plan of Creative Tourism elaborated by the City Council and networks like Recria.

Indeed, Creative Tourism has emerged in Recife as an important territory development strategy that contributes to the integration of people, places and tourist experiences, where co-creation, enchantment and social inclusion represent its guiding principles.

This is creative tourism, a relational and inclusive modality that seeks to connect people and places through co-creation. The Capital of Creativity has been emerging as one of the main destinations for creative tourism in Latin America, being the only in the Brazilian North and Northeast to have a public policy that encourages the development of this modality.

Recife joined the Creative Tourism Network® in 2017 as a labelled CreativeFriendlyDestination. 


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