Quito, the Capital of the Center of the World and also Creative!

Quito’s geographical location and its importance throughout history have allowed the city to be home to various cultural events and syncretism.

The tourist development of the city and the diversification of the sector have promoted creative tourism. An offer that concentrates a new experience in terms of flavor, aroma and quality in different products that offer a different perspective of the culture and intangible heritage of Quito. Creative tourism gives travelers the privilege of getting to know the local culture by participating in creative activities.

Thanks to this mix of ideas, concepts and inspirations; Quito is the muse city for creative tourism, where visitors can delve into culture and discover the charm and magic that surround the first Cultural Heritage of Humanity. For these reasons, Quito has received the CreativeFriendlyDestination seal from the Creative Tourism Network®.


Quito offers different alternatives around this activity. An example of this is the “Hands in the Round” project developed by Quito. The workshops located in this alley invite tourists to interact and learn about different traditional trades in the city, which are still preserved and replicated in the hands of skilled artisans. Products made of different materials such as metal, wood, among others, are part of this entertaining tour where you can also buy traditional toquilla straw hats and miniature tin toys.

The creative experiences of the Capital of the Center of the World range from cooking classes that will immerse you in the aromas of our traditional flavors to traditional goldsmithing and painting workshops, or tours of agroecological farms that will allow you to experience the varied flavors of craft beer and high altitude coffee.


Precisely, the visit to a specialty coffee producer, recognized for its quality, offers the visitor a fascinating tourist experience. The activities to be carried out in this place are experiential; recommended for coffee lovers and for those who appreciate its unique flavors and aromas, all this in the middle of a beautiful natural environment of the Chocó Andino.

Quito, the capital of chocolate, also offers experiential tastings of this product and the elaboration of vegan truffles through which you can learn about the tradition of cocoa worldwide, the history of cocoa in Ecuador and the history of fine aroma chocolate. .

Some hotels and lodges in the capital of Ecuador offer artistic experiences such as painting, music and handicrafts, guided by professionals from these branches, which allow tourists to take home a unique memory of their stay in the city.

The culture of the Andean agave is another experience that tourists love. The recovery of this ancestral practice through the reforestation of areas with these plants, the knowledge of the harvest, distillation, refining and the tasting of all the products derived from the agave, from honey to a spirit drink that won a world medal for its quality and finesse.

Bee honey is also the protagonist of workshops in which tourists can learn to make their own products, from cosmetics to candles, including candies.

They can also discover the secrets of making ice cream with very particular flavors, the result of an innovative fusion of local ingredients such as choco ice cream to one with chili and tamarind.

On the other hand, creative tourism becomes new purposes that invite travelers to discover other neighborhoods of the city than its historic center. This is the case of the La Mariscal neighborhood, which offers activities by contemporary artists.

Creative tourism, in addition to boosting the local economy and allowing an authentic approach to the destination, involves tourists in different facets that our city offers such as gastronomy, customs and culture.

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