Interview to Catarina Serra from Cerdeira Village Art&Craft

When I think about Cerdeira, I see it as a magical place with an untouched landscape that reminds me how strong are our connections with nature.

Cerdeira Village Art & Craft is the typical charming village where we all would like to be at this moment! Moreover its houses in shale surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes, Cerdeira offers the creative visitors, a peaceful and inspirational atmosphere, a wide range of artistic activities, as well as comfort and amenities. A real treasure that Catarina Serra, Public Relations and Event Planning Manager at Cerdeira Village accepted to share with us!


CTN – Cerdeira Village Art & Craft is a very singular place and project. How would you describe it?

Catarina Serra (C.S.) –  Yes. When I think about Cerdeira, I see it as a magical place with an untouched landscape that reminds me how strong are our connections with nature. A place that offers the right setting and conditions for creative work, socialization and quality accommodation, while preserving its characteristics and architectural design. It associates responsible consumption to environmental coexistence with nature. It makes us value and use the local resources in order to stimulate the economic development of the region.

CTN –  When and how was it created?

C.S.The project has been growing over time. It started with the organization of small events which merged into the idea of turning an abandoned secular village into a place of learning, inspiration and creative intersection among people of various cultures and knowledge. Actually, it was created from a group idea of people who found it abandoned more that 25 years ago, and decided to turn it into an Art Village. Kerstin Thomas, a long-time friend and one of the project founders and resident artist in Cerdeira, is part of that group.

CTN –  In which way is it an ideal place for the creative tourists?

C.S – Well, when I’m there, I completely forget my stressful routine. I’m immersed in nature and I feel inspired.
There is no TV, we’re pushed out of our comfort zone and forced to adapt. So I focus better on what I need to do and naturally I’m more productive! This is the ideal environment for learning: you’re concentrated, you’re inspired and you’re on vacation!


CTN – Among the creative activities you propose, which ones are the most practiced?

C.S – Usually our visitors want to ether learn a craft or learn about the region. From the creative point of view, the busiest activity is always Kerstin’s wood carving workshop. But if you’re more of a nature person, you’ll definitely love to go on one of our hikes around the mountain and enjoy nature. My favourite rail is to go down the mountain to the Castle, have lunch at a Portuguese restaurant nearby and go for a swim at the river beach. In the village, the most popular activity is always connected with the cooking of regional dishes in the woodstove.

CTN – Could you define a “profile” of your guest?

C.S – Our guests are people looking for an escape from the stress and business of their routine, having new creative experiences or just taking some time for themselves. People who value nature, authenticity and silence.


CTN –  Which would be the best season to stay at Cerdeira Village Art & Craft?

C.S – The best season to stay at Cerdeira Village really depends on what you’re looking for!
During spring you’ll find the mountain covered with flowers and meet the first group of resident artists who will be working on their projects until October. Throughout summer, the weather is great. You can visit our contemporary craft festival, enjoy our natural pool, go for a ride on our electric bicycles and explore the region.  Fall is the chestnut season, cosy warm houses and comfy food. This is also the best time for deer watching since September is their matting season. Personally I love this time of the year! Meanwhile, during winter you have the same cosy house, comfy food, the rivers are full of water and you may even find some snow at the top of the mountain!



Catarina Serra,Public Relations and Event Planning Manager at Cerdeira Village.

  Catarina fcatarina-serra-pirst stepped into the village in 1994 when she was 2 years old, and spent her childhood running down the mountain and playing with the other kids. Graduated in Management in Lisbon, she always wanted to work with artist and event planning, so in 2014, she started the first Artist Residency programme in Cerdeira at the “Casa das Artes” (the House of Arts). Since the beginning of the project, she has been working as Public Relations and Event Planning Manager at Cerdeira Village.