Creative tourism to foster the LGBTI+ offer in Recife

On the day of LGBTI+ Tourism, Recife City Hall launched tourist material dedicated to the segment.

Undoubtedly, creative tourism is part of the offer!

When choosing a destination, it is common for travelers to look not only for tourist attractions in that city but also for entertainment options that fit their profile. This has never been a difficulty for the LGBTI+ population that arrives in the capital of Pernambuco and it is not for nothing that Recife is considered one of the main cities in terms of reception and options for the segment, according to the Ministry of Tourism. Thinking of receiving even better this tourist, the Recife City Hall, through the Tourism and Leisure Secretariat, created a specialized virtual guide with friendly options.

Named Recife+, the guide was launched on August 10, the date on which LGBTI+ tourism is celebrated (created to instigate global awareness of the importance of LGBTI+ tourism, with support from the LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Brazil). The e-book is now available on the Recife Tourism Portal ( or also by accessing the QR code available on posters that will be displayed in strategic points of the city, such as bars, restaurants and hotels. Also bringing diversity in content, the guide has bars, pubs, nightclubs and various options for a full enjoyment of the trip to Recife.

“Recife is a friendly city and this is nothing new. That’s why we believe it is essential to make our brand more organized and attractive to our tourists. In our guide, we offer some options for attractions and tour suggestions, improving the experience of LGBTI+ people in our city”, highlights the Recife Tourism and Leisure Secretary, Cacau de Paula.

Some friendly tour suggestions are: La Ursa Tours, which offers guided bicycle tours; Catamaran Tours, which are tours on the Capibaribe River; Recife Beer Tour, among others. In the list of nightclubs, bars and restaurants, there are Metropolis, Conchitas Bar, Casa de Bamba, Armazéns do Porto and many others. In all, there are more than 30 leisure options.

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