Creative tourism is coming to the Caribbean

The adaptability of creative tourism to all types of environments is well established, and what is more along these recent months of crisis during which it has been offering itself as a solution to a good number of destinations, around the world, wishing to meet the expectations of local tourists in search of unique experiences.

It enables us to diversify the attractiveness of a destination, and more particularly out of season, by offering experiences created from its intangible heritage and its know-how.

This is why it perfectly fits with the Caribbean area, where it feeds on the traditions, creativity, and people’s empathy.

The carnivals, the festive calendar, the dances, the music, the gastronomy, the crafts, and the contemporary creations, are the core of the creative tourists’ experiences.

Destinations are reinventing themselves and creativity is their best ally.

The director of CreativeTourismNetwork®, Caroline Couret, recently underlined the assets of the Caribbean culture for creative tourism in the speeches she gave within the Professional Tourism Meetings, organized by the Martinique Tourism Committee (CMT) last October 26th-27th, and the CaribeTravel event, driven by the Colombian destinations of Barranquilla, Cartagena de Indias y Santa Marta on October 29th.

Caroline Couret notably insisted on the fact that, in addition to their idyllic beaches, these destinations represent cultural and creative hub for new generations of travelers, eager to discover the local culture by co-creating with local artisans and artistic collectives, during workshops in crafts, cooking, photography, dance, among an infinity.

Furthermore, the interest of local stakeholders in diversifying the seaside and nature offer, thanks to the richness of their cultures, is a guarantee of vitality and innovation for these destinations.

In fact, the engagement of local populations and the cross-sectoral dimension of this tourism based on the creative economy, generate an ecosystem and a value chain for the entire territory, which translate into the creation of quality jobs, transmission and promotion of intangible heritage, the social cohesion and governance, to name just a few among the many virtues of this sustainable tourism.

This was highlighted by Mrs. Natalia Bayona, Director of Innovation Strategy, Digital Transformation, and Investments, at the World Tourism Organization, in her brilliant intervention at CaribeTravel.

For its part, the CreativeTourismNetwork® will soon present new destinations labeled CreativeFriendly, in order to promote them within the framework of 2021, declared the Year of the Creative Economy and Sustainable Development by the United Nations.