Creative Tourism celebrating April 21, 2021_ World Creativity and Innovation Day

April 21, 2021 … World Creativity and Innovation Day... 

The Creative Tourism Network® could not have chosen a better day to announce the actions programmed within the framework of the Year 2021, declared by the United Nations, the Year of the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development “!

The effectiveness of creative tourism as a lever for sustainable development and a Swiss Army knife for the revival of tourism has been widely demonstrated, and especially during the last few months of the pandemic. Destinations of all types spread all over the world, have indeed adhered to this circular economy model, in view of the advantages it brings them in terms of differentiated positioning – thanks to an offer linked to the territory’s DNA. – and via the creation of a local ecosystem.

Creative tourism – or how to manage tourism creatively, this is also what the Creative Tourism Network® (CTN), an international network and benchmark organization for this type of tourism, promotes.
2021, therefore, represents an inflection point for creative tourism in general, as well as for all the programs and projects already implemented by the CTN since its creation in 2010.

On this occasion, and in order to help destinations that so wish, to integrate this model, but also to reward those who have already proven their worth in this booming sector, the CTN is proposing the following actions:

– Candidacy campaigns aimed at highlighting the most creative destinations, of various themes and geographical areas:

More campaigns will soon be added to the list.

In addition to these promotional actions, the CTN offers its support to destinations wishing to reinvent themselves, over a very short term (one to two months) and with a tiny budget (from 1,000 €).

The campaign to award the CreativeFriendlyDestination label is intensifying in order to allow destinations to design and promote, starting this summer, creative tourism offers able to meet the growing demand for experiential tourism, local tourism, regeneration, micro-adventure. and staycation… creatively optimizing their intangible heritage, their know-how and their human resources.

To benefit from the advantages of this campaign, destinations simply have to complete – without obligation – the following form before April 30.

The Creative Tourism Network® will soon announce the new CreativeFriendly destinations, which will be promoted in local and international markets.