Creative experiences as part of the celebration of the World Tourism Day at Lake Llanquihue (Chile)

The Integrated Territorial Program (PTI) fostered by Corfo Los Lagos’, in the Creative Destination of Lake Llanquihue is working hard to promote renewal and reinvention in order to cope with the economic reactivation of its sectors.

The virtual community is gaining strong local representation from the tourism sector and the creative industries, as demonstrated by the celebration of the World Tourism Day on 27 September, which focused on creative tourism,  and the launch of the School of Creative Tourism Entrepreneurship, that gathers 150 local stakeholders.

It was a real opportunity for the Lake Llanquihue Basin to be part of the Creative Tourism Network®’ event, focused on destinations inviting local people to participate in a wide variety of creative experiences, which allowed them to rediscover their intangible heritage, live unique experiences and become official ambassadors of the territory, thanks to two creative tourism experiences carried out by the Conservatory of Music and Fine Arts of the South, Puerto Varas, and the House of Crafts of Frutillar.

For Corfo Los Lagos Regional Director, Rodrigo Carrasco, this is another step on the path to the orange economy, which should be one of the pillars of development in the Los Lagos Region and the country:This integrated territorial program aims to promote the Llanquihue Lake Basin as a creative development hub. When we call on human creativity, it is an infinite resource that is much more sustainable than the exploitation of a mineral deposit. It is a sustainable economy, respectful of the territory and the well-being of its inhabitants, which puts at the center the talent and the present identities of the place, these are the key elements. From the Lake Llanquihue basin, we want to mark the future of Chile, for Corfo the orange or creative economy for the regional economy.”

For Manuel Perrot, director of PTI Lago Llanquihue Destino Creativo, it is “a positioning opportunity for Lake Llanquihue for 2021, declared by the United Nations International Year of Creative Economy and Sustainable Development”.

The initiative was indeed very successful which augurated a brilliant future for the whole regional program!

One of the next steps, will be the First Transmedia Meeting ETC, to be held next November. Stay tuned!

To know further about the experiences. 

The Southern Conservatory of Music and Fine Arts, COMBAS, is a space for meeting, global development, and sensitivity around music and fine arts. He teaches studies for the community at large, as well as focusing on the comprehensive training of students in the fields of interpretation and composition. It currently offers online courses in instruments and singing, yoga, tai chi, painting, and contemporary and Arabic dance.

Casa de Oficios – is a space that promotes trades through experience based on participatory work and self-connection and what is done by hand. With more than 8 years of experience, she currently offers a wide range of online workshops in the culinary, land, entrepreneurial and manual trades. In addition, they are preparing to start face-to-face workshops in different parts of Chile.

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