Biot, a Creative DNA

Biot seduces travelers in search of creative experiences and human values!

For an hour, a day, or a week, you can learn about the local craft and of course, create your own piece: blowing a glass vase, shaping a sculpture, designing your jewelry, to mention but a few! Biot is the place to create!

Creative Experiences:
● Contemporary painting and sculpture
● Dive into the world of jewelry and gemology
● Make a ceramic project
● Become the assistant of a glass sculptor
● Glass blowing and creating original pieces
● In the footsteps of Fernand Léger
● Photography, discover your creativity
● Illustrate a story, discover the secrets of an illustrated book
● Abstract, contemporary, and stylized painting courses
● Workshop on physical expression
● Discovering the world of performance and dance
● Suggest and develop your own project
● Travel in the imagination, journey into the self
● Playful and culinary discoveries

And why not also … give a concert at St Mary Magdalene Church… discover the flavors of Provence through its typical market, participate in a traditional festival, in a word … LIVE A CREATIVE EXPERIENCE!