Barcelos dedicated the World Tourism Day to creative tourism

As part of the World Tourism Day, the Municipality of Barcelos organized a series of creative activities and experiences aimed at promoting and disseminating the artistic and creative potential of the city.

On the weekend of September 26th and 27th, various activities were organized, such as creative workshops through which the participants could paint the famous “Barcelos rooster” or (re)discover traditional arts, attend a virtual conference to know further about creative tourism, or doing an inspiring boat trip on the River Cevado.

The municipality of Barcelos is a territory rich in beauty and natural landscapes, as well as arts and crafts heritage.

The Mundo Maravilhoso do Figurado project, for instance, offered a journey through the cultural identity of the territory, thanks to figurines created by local artists and craftsmen. The creative workshop “A work of 7 arts …”, gave the visitors the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of Barcelos crafts in its most diverse expressions, such as pottery, imagery, embroidery, iron, and its derivatives, wood, basketry, and contemporary art, to mention just a few.

Besides the World Tourism Day, Barcelos has demonstrated its resilience in adapting its tourist offer to the new Pandemic context, throughout the summer and until now with, for example, the creative workshops aimed at the pilgrims who could paint their own rooster, on the Way of Santiago or Fátima, on 13th of October, National Pilgrim’s Day.






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