5 creative destinations to change the way you travel

This year, for holidays, why not let yourself be tempted by creative tourism?

Creative tourism is a growing concept that is radically transforming our travel habits. We no longer just look at or visit the tourist attractions of a city. Now we participate, we exchange to capture the authenticity of the destination through the creative activities it offers.

Going on holidays is not only a way to rest but also to learn more about the cultural identity of a city and the local creative activities. Creative tourism is an integral part of sustainable development because it allows to value local culture and its actors.

Preparing almond and honey cookies in Portugal, dancing salsa in Medellin, going to a glassblowing workshop, …. So many different activities to enrich yourself culturally and creatively.

Here are 5 creative destinations to change your way of traveling:

Perpignan, France

Located between Barcelona and Toulouse, Perpignan has a dual identity of both Catalan and French culture. The region’s 20,000 hectares of vineyards make it a perfect destination for tasting the wines of Roussillon. An unusual activity, you can also paint with red wine. Because of the great generosity of its inhabitants, Perpignan will share its secrets with you, especially for the decoration of ceramic objects or mosaics. The glass art of Biot is known all over the world. Catalan culture also means many festivities and local festivals, such as dancing the sardana with a folk group. In Perpignan, the artisans are waiting to share their unique know-how with you and show you how the city is a Creative Friendly Destination®.


Quito, Ecuador

In addition to being the first city to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Quito is also a Creative Friendly Destination®. Located in the middle of the world, Quito contrasts from other places by its gastronomy, its heritage and its culture, making it an unmissable creative destination. As the world capital of gourmet chocolate, you can make your own deliciously flavored chocolate. It is also possible to weave your own Panama hat or compose a bouquet with the famous Ecuadorian roses.


Recife, Brazil

Recife is known for its beautiful sandy beaches but less for its cultural wealth. However, this beautiful and creative city is full of all kinds of activities. A way to get closer to its inhabitants and to create links between visitors and locals. You can enjoy an incredible gastronomic heritage, live the carnival madness all year round and participate in a Frevo class or a Maracatu session. You will be rocked by the rhythms, colors and sensations of this wonderful Creative Friendly Destination®.


Loulé, Portugal

Located in the heart of the Algarve, the city of Loulé offers a multitude of authentic experiences, reflecting its rich intangible heritage. It has been certified as a Creative City by the Creative Tourism Network® for its culture and creativity. As you go along the narrow streets of the city center, you will discover traditional houses and their craftsmen who will share their know-how with you. Whether it’s for azulejo workshops, leatherwork, discovering the process of dried fruits or making objects woven from palm leaves, the city will never stop to surprise you.


Medellin, Colombia

Known as “the city of the eternal spring”, Medellin is known for its temperate climate. This Creative Friendly Destination offers many activities to fully enjoy its intense culture. The city of Medellin invites you to the preparation of its unique flower festival and then, as every year, to its famous parade that gathers more than 500 participants. You can also take advantage of workshops to sculpt like Fernando Botero, without forgetting to concoct a typical “Paisa” meal during a cooking workshop.