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  • Barcelos: plan your creative stay!

      The Creative Tourism NetworkⓇis very proud to count the city of Barcelos (Portugal), among its CreativeFriendlyDestinations. Barcelos is also a CreativeCity of UNESCO.  The city proposes all year long a very rich program of cultural and creative activities. Here are just some of the ongoing and upcoming activities.    EXHIBITIONS & MORE AT TOURIST […]

  • Gabrovo represents Bulgaria at the Venice Homo Faber: Handmade for a More Human World

    Gabrovo – labeled CreativeFriendlyDestination of the CreativeTourismNetwork® – represents Bulgaria at the Venice Homo Faber: Handmade for a More Human World (10 April  – 1 May 2022). The event is an unprecedented cultural experience dedicated to contemporary art craftsmanship and the theme is “Living Treasures from Europe and Japan”. Preserving folk and craft traditions: The […]

  • Menorca bets on creative tourism and gastronomy

    Menorca already owns a huge potential to position itself as a creative tourism destination, and has now something more … an international award! The restaurant and gastronomic experiences portal of Menorca, Cómete Menorca has just received the award for the World Best Creative Experience,  awarded annually by the Creative Tourism Network®, the world organization that gathers […]

  • Essaouira, Awarded by the Creative Tourism Awards

    Creativity is part of Essaouira’s DNA! The city of creativity and tolerance has continuously received, throughout its history, as many distinctions as travelers in search of inspiration and human values. The Trophy for the Best Creative Hotel has just been awarded to Salut Maroc Boutique hotel! whose design, combining artisanal traditions and contemporary design, offers […]

  • La Bisbal d’Empordà becomes the first World Craft City in continental Europe

    We are very proud to announce that La Bisbal d’Empordà (Catalonia), which is, within Empordanet area, one of the labeled CreativeFriendlyDestination, has been distinguished as the first World Craft City in continental Europe, by the World Crafts Council Europe (WCC-E), and the fifth European city (the remaining four are located on the islands of Scotland, […]

  • Revealed the Winners of the 8th Edition of the Creative Tourism Awards!

    Created by the Creative Tourism Network®, these prestigious Awards aim to reward companies, projects, and destinations worldwide that foster creative tourism under all its forms and vehiculates its positive values. The international jury of the Creative Tourism Awards, composed of international experts in tourism marketing and creative economy, took on the heavy task to select […]

  • Creative Tourism: The “Tourism of Tomorrow”, made in Toulouse !

    Imagine the tourism of tomorrow, this is what the Bachelor students of the Hospitality & Tourism Management track, of Toulouse Business School (TBS education) have done today. Thanks to an unprecedented collaboration between Toulouse Business School, the Creative Tourism Network® (CTN) and the Toulouse Tourist Office, these 45 students from 13 countries, including the United […]

  • Nicosia, CreativeFriendly Destination



    On this 27th of January, the capital of Cyprus joined officially the World Creative Tourism Network® (CTN).

    The President of the Nicosia Tourism Board, Mr. Theodoros Kringou, received the certification CreativeFriendlyDestination, from the director of CTN, Caroline Couret.

    This certification recognizes destinations worldwide, that bet on creativity to fit the new generations of travelers’ demand, as well as to create a virtuous ecosystem that benefits the local economy and society.

    Nicosia already owned all the assets to offer the most authentic and creative experiences to the creative tourists: a rich historical heritage, centuries of know-how and traditions, creative hubs, and friendly people, to mention just a few.

    But a successful creative tourism development also relies on creative and cross-sectoral management of the tourism sector which demonstrates how today’s tourist industry fosters inclusiveness, by co-creating with artists, craftsmen, cultural and creative industries, SMEs, universities, and academic researchers, among others.

    These are precisely the values the Expert Committee of the Creative Tourism Network® highlighted from the project submitted by the Nicosia Tourism Board.

    The quality of this project relies not only on the originality and diversity of the creative tourism experiences designed in Nicosia but also on its innovative and sustainable tourism model which guarantees a short-term reactivation by attracting new tourist segments through the co-creation between tourism and cultural and creative industries (CCI).

    Synergies between the historical heritage from the Bronze Age, to the contemporary creation, passing through traditional handicrafts, reflect Nicosia’s DNA and convert it into a unique tourist offer able to attract the most demanding overseas travelers as well as the inhabitants themselves, enjoying staycation, while rediscovering their own culture.

    In this sense, Mr. Theodoros Kringou presented key initiatives of the Nicosia Tourism Board aiming to boost and strengthen the local creative sector. One of them, “Ngage Culture & Creativity” is a sub-brand that has been developed to highlight the cultural and creative assets of Nicosia such as creative enterprises, museums, galleries, artist-run spaces etc., and at the same time to brand the city as a cultural and creative destination. But we could mention other international programs, like the “Capital’s Creative Business Quarter” by which many abandoned venues are been restored to be given to artists and creative entities, as well as other international projects in which Nicosia is involved.

    In terms of creative tourism experiences, the Nicosia Tourist Board is also developing a platform particularly focused on the promotion of workshops offered in Nicosia.

    Such initiatives make Nicosia not only an attractive destination for the “new tourism”, but also a pioneering destination-maker, whose value is recognized by the members of the Creative Tourism Network®.

    These fruitful collaborations will turn Nicosia into a new leader, bringing added value, both to the Mediterranean tourism market, as well as to the creative tourism expertise worldwide! “, Couret said.





  • Creative Tourism Conference in Nicosia

    The capital of Cyprus owns all the assets to offer visitors authentic and creative experiences: a rich and mixed historical heritage, centuries of merchant know-how and traditions, and friendly, creative, enterprise people. But a successful creative tourism development also relies on a cross-sectoral ecosystem to underpin a tourist industry that includes artists, craftspeople, cultural and […]

  • Creative Destination Lake Llanquihue (Chile) launches a new platform with routes and creative experiences

    Through the Real Travel app, visitors and residents of the Llanquihue Lake basin will discover creative and heritage experiences of the destination in Frutillar, Puerto Octay, Llanquihue and Puerto Varas; and the entrepreneurs of the creative ecosystem will be able to make their offer visible. A new milestone marks the consolidation of the creative destination […]