June 2021

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  • Discover of naval carpentry

    The activity will take place in the Botes de Octay sheds located in Puerto Octay, Los Lagos region. You will discover the workshop where the Botes de Octay project began in 2017 and where more than 10 sailboats have already been built in a communitarian way. The workshop that we propose consists of elaborating in […]

  • Drum circle, music experience

    In this musical workshop you will learn to play collectively different percussions, with or without previous knowledge. We will enter the world of rhythm playing typical Latin American instruments through signs, and following some simple rules, the group will be guided to generate graduations of intensity, musical articulations and improvise to compose music together. Cajon, […]

  • Workshops and gastronomic experiences

    With the help of a Chef, you will discover the typical flavors of the local cuisine and pastries in a typical southern kitchen, while learning about produce, seasons, traditions and ways of life. As part of all our workshops, participation is 100% interactive, you will be instructed in cooking techniques that can be easily replicated […]

  • Creation of the Rabel (stringed instrument)

    In this experience, we will travel through the creation process of the Rabel (stringed instrument), from its design, selection of materials, to the construction of the instrument. We will see how each step will deliver magic and spirit to the Rabel, to give life to an instrument full of soul, that will inspire an artist […]

  • Interview mit Petra Hedorfer, Geschäftsführerin der Deutschen Zentrale für Tourismus

    Kultur, Natur und Innovation sind die zentralen Elemente im Kern des Reiselandes Deutschland – und das spiegelt sich auch in der touristischen Nachfrage wider. Diese drei Elemente machen Deutschland zu einem Paradies für Kreativtourismus, eine Art Erlebnistourismus, der von der internationalen Organisation Creative Tourism Network® gefördert wird.  “Creative Tourism is a kind of tourism which […]

  • Yes, Gabrovo celebrated it Carnival!

    Gabrovo Carnival  As the whole world turned upside down, so will the Carnival! Before the Carnival was moving and people were watching it. Now, this year 2021  people were moving and the Carnival was watching them! It was static but alive, interactive and throughout the day. It started at Orlovets Sports Hall and the House […]

  • Interview with Petra Hedorfer, CEO of the German National Tourist Board

    Culture, nature, and innovation are the central elements at the core of Destination Germany  – and this is reflected in the tourism-related demand. These three elements convert Germany into a paradise for creative tourism, a kind of experiential tourism, promoted by the international organization Creative Tourism Network®.  “Creative Tourism is a kind of tourism which offers […]

  • Medellín, leadering creative reactivation

    On May 29, the director of the Creative Tourism Network®, Caroline Couret, participated in a meeting on creative tourism, organized by the Mayor’s Office of Medellín, in alliance with the Greater Medellín Convention & Visitors Bureau, with the aim of creating an exchange of knowledge within this booming segment, in order to promote its reactivation […]

  • Visit to the Cossourado Olive Oil Press

    Portugal is the land of olive oil, the olive tree is present throughout the territory. In Barcelos there are still olive presses that produce high quality olive oil, preserving the most ancient production techniques combined with modern technologies. The Largar de Azeite de Cossourado is a great example of this, it uses olives from several […]