Tourism industry worldwide bets on creative tourism as postcovid solution

No doubt that postcovid will set a new paradigm for the tourist industry. Destinations around the world are currently working on the implementation of more virtuous tourism strategies and creative tourism appears to be one of them.

This lockdown period is a very busy one for CreativeTourismNetwork® whose team is working hand in hand with destinations and institutions in the development of their projects, on the view of the reactivation of international tourism.

If in the short term, staycation will be the solution around the world, the Creative Tourism Network® will make the next September 27th, World Day of Tourism, a common action between its labeled CreativeFriendlyDestinations, in order to promote internationally the unique experiences lived locally by their inhabitants-ambassadors.

Here are some of the virtual events realized during the lockdown: 

  • Workshop on creative tourism within the Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality of Excelia Group (La Rochelle – France). 
  • Webinar on creative tourism en Gastronomy in Menorca Islanc (Balearic Islands), organized by CómeteMenorca.
  • Webinar on creative tourism within the official presentation of Llanquihue Creative Destination (Chile)
  • Conference on creative and orange tourism as a tool for Post-covid sustainable development, organized by the Ministry of Tourism of Colombia.
  • Webinar on postcovid situation, organized by e.tourism, within the Telefit program (France).
  • Webinar on creative tourism and presentation of Quito, CreativeFriendlyDestination, organized by Visit Quito (Ecuador).
  • Magistral conference on Creative Tourism, Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Workshop on creative tourism within the Master Degree in Tourism Management and Innovation, organized by CISET, University Ca’Foscari, Venice (Italy).
  • Webinar – conversation on creative tourism in Recife (Brazil), organized by Recria and Recife Municipality.
  • Webinar on creative tourism for the post-covid development in Arequipa Region, Organized by Arequipa Regional Government (Perú).
  • Visio-conference on projects of creative tourism development in the Laurentides Region (Quebec).

More coming soon!