Support campaign for destinations willing to apply for CreativeFriendly label

Be they your destination a village, a metropolis, a region, or an island, this is your opportunity to reinvent your tourist model and position it internationally.

Because of the paradigm shift and seizing the synergies generated by 2021, declared International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development by United Nations, the CreativeTourismNetwork® supports destinations of all types, willing to integrate the network through the CreativeFriendly label.

In recent months, many destinations around the world have bet on creative tourism to adapt their tourist experiences as well as to create a value chain in their territory.

For this, the CreativeTourismNetwork® offers:

– personalized support to destinations, for the fast implementation of their creative tourism program (via webinars and remote advice).
– a 10% off on the annual membership fee, to registrations before April 30th , which means the implementation and promotion of your creative tourism program for a budget included between 800 and 1.400 € (max. amount for regions). (see details).

Application deadline is April 30th   via the following form.


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