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    BTL Lisboa welcomes a seminar on creative tourism

    Tourism professionals and delegates of local governments participated in the Seminar on Creative Tourism organized by the Creative Tourism Network® within the framework of the BTL – International Tourism Fair of Lisbon. Representatives of the Creative Tourism Network®, as well as of destinations like Loulé (Algarve, Portugal) or Porto Alegre (Brazil) shared their experiences and Best practices with stakeholders willing […]

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    Upcoming Creative Tourism events in Quebec

    Next June 14th – 21st, the Creative Tourism Network® will participate in a serie of events organized in different creative destinations of Quebec, namely the Magdalen Islands, The Laurentides Region, and Montreal.  It is no coincidence that the Creative Tourism Network® will visit the Îles de la Madeleine (Magdalen Islands) on June 14th to promote its […]

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    How to Spend 1 Day in the Empordanet: a Creative Itinerary

    Halfway between the city of Girona and the coastal towns on the Costa Brava, the beaches seem to have disappeared – here, you will only find monuments made of old stone, and small streets that are hidden behind a thick curtain of lush vegetation. The Empordanet is composed of several villages who are united by […]

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    Loulé Criativo: New headquarters in the Gama Lobo Palace!

    On Saturday, 1 June, the new headquarters of Loulé Criativo was inaugurated, in the renovated Gama Lobo Palace. This splendid eighteenth-century manor house emblazoned with a coat of arms is considered a landmark in terms of Loulé’s civil architecture. The ceremony was attended by Pedro Siza Vieira, Deputy Minister and Economy. The Gama Lobo Palace […]

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    Let’s stop talking about tourism.

    What if we stopped talking about tourism? What if, instead, we started talking about curiosity, empathy, artistic passion, transformative experiences – in other words, going back to the very essence of travel, and get to know the Other as well as ourselves? Then, tourism would merely be the industry in charge of logistical issues and […]

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    La MOOC “El turisme és cultural” està disponible!

    El Ministeri de Cultura de França ha inaugurat un MOOC sobre el tema “El turisme és cultural”, produït en col·laboració amb el Conservatori Nacional d’Arts i Oficis (CNAM). Aquest curs en línia té com a objectiu promoure el turisme cultural al país i crear oportunitats i sinergies entre els professionals dels sectors turístic i cultural. […]

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    New Horizons – Loulé, when nature and culture come together

    In the South of Portugal, the region of the Algarve has everything a tourist might look for: beautiful beaches, luxury balneary stations, immense golf courses… However, coiled in the region, in between the verdant coasts and the picturesque villages, lies a hidden treasure-trove: the municipality of Loulé prides itself in its heritage and its multicultural […]

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    New Horizons: Ibiza, a perfect blend of modernity and tradition

    We all know Ibiza for its beautiful beaches, its vibrant summer music scene and its party community. Rarely, if ever, do we hear about its daily life, its culture, or its heritage. And yet, this beautiful city has everything a creative tourist might look for: imagination, a real connection to nature, and a rediscovery of […]

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    New Horizons: Gabrovo, between magic and traditions

    In the centre of Bulgaria, near the Balkan Mountains, lies the Gabrovo Province. The name might sound familiar – perhaps you’ve heard of it during the International Humour Festival. Their inhabitants will tell you, their eyes sparkling with pride, that Gabrovo was not always this lively. Not so long ago, times were hard, food was […]

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    Turisme Creatiu en el Vèneto

    Sempre és un plaer dirigir un seminari sobre turisme creatiu en el marc del Màster en Economia i Gestió del Turisme de CISET (Centre Internacional d’Estudis sobre l’Economia del Turisme de la Universitat de Venècia Ca’Foscari), amb seu a Treviso (Itàlia). La directora del Creative Tourism Network® va impartir una sessió per a una vintena […]

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    The 2019 Creative Tourism Catalogue is on the way !

    The Network is growing, and there’s still time to join us! We are currently working on the newest edition of our Creative Tourism Catalogue. It is aimed at tour operators, travel agencies and travel advisers, who want to propose authentic and unique experiences worldwide for their customers, with the guarantee that they’ll visit destinations that […]

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    Limaçon – Taller de tall de pedra

    Surt a la caça de pedres a les platges de l’illa per crear la teva obra d’art. Pulateu penjant de pedra sota el consell de Martin Fournier. Durant aquest taller, els visitants aprendran com tallar i polir el seu propi penjoll de pedra, amb l’assessorament útil i professional del joier artesà Martin Fournier. Tria entre […]