• Bulgarian Typical Food Workshop Creative Tourism

    Cooking class: your own bulgarian specialities

    Enjoy a delicious experience and cook some authentic bulgarian food with other food-lovers in a cozy atmosphere. Bulgaria offers so many emblematic traditional dishes! The most famous is the Bulgarian yoghurt. It contains the famous “Lactus Bacilicus Bulgaricus” which makes it very delicious and healthy. The yoghurt is the perfect companion to “banitsa” – a […]


    Traditional bulgarian dances and musics workshop in Gabrovo

    If you are curious about rural Bulgaria and its traditional way of – sharing – life, if you want to explore Bulgaria through its Folk Dances and Music… If you want to experience our culture with the locals, professional dancers and musicians will teach you how to dance and to play the beautiful Bulgarian dances! […]

  • Diana Marcela Zuluaga, 5Bogota (Colombia)

    Diana Marcela Zuluaga, 5Bogota (Colombia)

    How would you introduce 5Bogota ?  5Bogota connects local hosts with travelers who want to explore a destination in a different and unique way while supporting the local development, creating an extra source of income to local people who normally are not in touch with the tourism industry. Which creative experiences define you the best? […]

  • Natalia Antoniou Hadjigeorgiou, The Place (Cyprus)

    Natalia Antoniou Hadjigeorgiou, The Place (Cyprus)

    How would you introduce the Place ? The Place is a home of Arts, Cypriot Crafts and Traditions located in the Old Town Pafos-Cyprus. The Place offers visitors the opportunity to watch, and admire the skills of the potter, the icon painter, the wood carver, and see in action the art of fused glass and glass painting, […]

  • La Tavola Marche (Italy)

    La Tavola Marche (Italy)

    How would you introduce la Tavola Marche ? Farm, inn & cooking school – If you are willing to muddy your feet, we’ll guide you off the beaten path where you will see Italy at its roots.  We combine searching for the best seasonal local ingredients, hands-on cooking classes, and the conviviality of the table to […]