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MADAGASCAR EXPLORER is an inbound tour operator founded by Giorgio Franchi in 1988. He has several years of experiences within the tourism industry in Italy and abroad. His passion for travel as well as the beauty of Madagascar, the most magnificient country in the world with its pristine coastal area, cultural diversity, unique biodiversity and wonderful people have led him to create the company.

MADAGASCAR EXPLORER’s office is located in the heart of Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, in an attractive traditional style buidling.

The team consist of 15 full-time Malagasy employees, all highly skilled and experienced with outstanding knowledge of Madagascar destination. Each staff speaks at least two foreign languages such as french, Italian, Spanish and English to best serve all range of customers. Their guiding team comprises of hand-picked guides with excellent language skills responding to the needs of the customer including French, English, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. They carefully select the local partners they work with to ensure that the best quality services are provided. And they are committed to continually train their staff so their skills and knowledge are always up to date.

Proud of their presence for over 25 years, MADAGASCAR EXPLORER is amongst the most recognized and respected travel agents and tour operators in the country. They offer outstanding tour packages and tailormade holidays that meet the needs and preferences of all visitors. They cater for individuals, couples, groups and families. They take it close to their heart to create and design the highest quality products and services to their clients and guarantee an authentic travel experience.

Their success can be measured by the positive feedback from the customers! In fact they have numbers of return visitors who believe in the team and the high quality of the products  and services they provide.

Today MADAGASCAR EXPLORER  serves a range of outbound tour operators and international travel agencies.

MADAGASCAR EXPLORER also works closely with the local authorities and the foreign diplomatic services for any unfortunate problems or emergencies during the tour.

Finally, as they advocate for sustainable tourism, they promote the preservation of the endemic fauna and flora and its habitat, the local culture and they have established partnerships with local businesses to foster and promote the local economy.

Recommended creative experiences: 

The Zafimaniry Art

Join us for an amazing experience to the Southern part of Madagascar and take part in a woodcarving and art workshop using ancestral techniques with the local artisan. The Zafimaniry art is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and is one of the highlights of things to see in Madagascar.

Create your own fashionable silk scarf

It’s great to buy your silk scarf from a local shop in Madagascar but it’s even awesome to create your own! Discover the process of turning wild silk cocoons into fashionable scarf. This unique experience will enable you to immerse yourself with the local weavers, learn about the authentic culture of the region and proudly wear your silk scarf during the rest of your stay in Madagascar.

Antemoro Paper

Travel to the authentic destination of Madagascar; discover a wide range of culture and have a lifetime experience. Join us for an awesome tour and learn the historic production of the Antemoro paper. A paper that is made from the fibers of the plant called “avoha”, and then decorated by flowers of different kinds.