Laterza (Italia)


And of answers, Laterza, he can give as many, as he can intrigue to the point of always giving rise to new questions. Such as “how is a majolica plate born?” “What were the most used decorations?” or “how are crispy bread and tasty mozzarella made?”. And you could take a step back in time living the age of the marquises by learning a seventeenth-century dance in typical clothes, or discover how a lathe works for working clay, or admire the view from the point of view of a lesser kestrel or a stork literally flying over Laterza and its surroundings, or discover the paths immersed in nature by walking on the back of a donkey. This and much more is answered in Laterza thanks to the availability of operators from various sectors who offer experiential packages to enrich your stay, allowing you to know the elements that characterize our reality and learn to be part of it, to become a little laertine in the heart. and in the spirit or simply to experience an adventure away from the usual routine. A slow path made of suggestions and magic will transform Laterza into a corner of the heart that you will never forget.


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Photo Credit: Anice Studio
Italian press releases:

Laterza premiata dal Best Italian Creative Destination 

Laterza premiata come ‘Miglior Destinazione Creativa Emergente’ 

Turismo, Laterza premiata come migliore destinazione creativa emergente d’Italia