Interview with Hugo Nunes, Vice-Presidente – Câmara Municipal de Loulé

How would you define your creative tourism program?

The council considered the creation of a new sector of tourism with Loulé Criativo as an opportunity for new activities and entrepreneurs to develop a new touristic economy, which will also help to maintain and innovate heritage, celebrate identity and create an ecosystem in favor of creativity with an attractive annual program with creative residences and experiences.

Why did you decide to develop the creative tourism in your destination ? 

There was a compelling need and opportunity to widen the touristic offer in order to develop the existing infrastructures, to lengthen touristic stay, avoid massification, help maintain traditions and improve residents’ self-esteem.

In Loulé the economy is mainly based on tourism. It is the area that drives the development of both goods and services, but also activities related to the construction industry, trade and fishery.

Loulé is a rich region in terms of historical and cultural inheritance, of economic origins related to trade and handcraft. It organises several events to value the material and non-material heritage, which express and reveal the identity of the people.

Which typical experiences would you recommend?

Apart from events and cultural entertainment, Loulé holds a wide potential in its interior with its landscape, gastronomy, handicrafts, natural products and a significant component of preserving local habits and traditions, which should be the base for a touristic offer differentiated for its unique quality. That’s why, in my opinion, activities like Pottery, weaving palm or cooking figs represent the soul of the people of Loulé. But in any case, all the activities of the Loulé Criativo program also have a link with our local culture.

What is the added value of creative tourism in Loulé ?

Facing the needs and requests of a new generation of tourists that search for authenticity and proximity within local agents, it is important to consider creativity and culture as boosters for the development of touristic destinations, with possible consequences for its image and trademark. Cultural and creative events organised by municipalities and partners should be presented as strategic tools for territorial management, helping to shape memorable experiences.

Hugo Nunes, Vice-Presidente – Câmara Municipal de Loulé

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