Interview with Caroline Couret, Director of the Creative Tourism Network® about the partnership with the Phoenicians’ Route.




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  • How was born the collaboration between the Phoenicians’Route and the Creative Tourism Network®?

I could say that it was almost an obviousness. The hyper-segmentation of the tourism sector poses new challenges, but also offers us great opportunities if we perceive them. And this collaboration opens up a world of possibilities to satisfy the most creative travelers! When we talk about cultural tourism nowadays, we can not limit ourselves to visits to monuments and museums. The current traveler wants experiences that elevate him to a higher level of knowledge, reflection and even transformation for his personal life. And it is precisely the common goal of the Phoenicians’Route and the Creative Tourism Network®, to create meaning and to associate cultural heritage with a new understanding of contemporary society.

In addition, on the one hand, our both organizations have many similarities in how to work in a cross-border network, with public and private entities and agents from different sectors. On the other hand, we are also complementary in terms of the geographical areas in which we operate and the methodologies and best practices that we can now exchange.

  • Was the celebration of the European Year of Cultural Heritage an additional reason?

If it is true that this project goes beyond 2018, it perfectly meets the values and objectives of the European Year of Cultural Heritage by “encouraging, for example, more people to discover and involve themselves in the preservation of European cultural heritage “, as well as to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a common European area”. Of course, this celebration will encourage the extension of this collaboration to other partners and eventually to other cultural routes.

  •  What are the actions planned in the framework of this collaboration?

First of all I would like to point out that this is an open collaboration framework that favors synergies and the permanent stimulation of ideas and projects, both between our two entities and between our respective members. From there, we already have planned the organization of seminars that allow the co-creation of experiences of creative tourism in the member destinations, always based on the mutual exchange of experiences and with a guarantee of quality. We Will also create a category of Creative Tourism Awards, exclusively dedicated to the Phoenicians’ Route and of course, a joint promotion of the member destinations of both networks, towards the final public, but above all, through actions with specialized tour operators.