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Ibiza-01If there is an island in the Mediterranean, which is like a melting pot of culture, it is undoubtedly the island of Ibiza.

Its 572 km2 are home to many worlds to discover, which mean that its creative potential multiplies compared to the major cities of the world. Ibiza has been and is residence of great artists.

Proposals such as the Bloom Festival, the Jazz Festival and the Medieval Fair are among the events that have consolidated themselves as authentic international references for experiential tourism, in addition to the multitude of activities and encounters with the tradition and the ancestral customs of the island.

Throughout the year, numerous events have paid tribute to the work of esparto, to the famous “seneions” (baskets), to traditional espadrilles, to the production of aromatic herbs, to the elaboration of products based on carob or the honey of the island, among others.

Throughout the winter, every Saturday, artists and craftsmen gather at the famous Las Dalias flea market – or at the artisanal market of Sant Joan – huge windows that open onto the wonderful world of local crafts.

The cuisine deserves a chapter in itself, having become, in recent years, a reference in terms of quality in major international gastronomic events. The delicious traditional cuisines of Ibiza such as bollit de peix, ratjada, flaó orgraixonera coexist with proposals from renowned chefs such as the Adrià brothers, Paco Roncero or Sergi Arola.

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How would you present Ibiza to creative tourists?

Ibiza is an ideal place for anyone who wishes to develop their creativity. The creative tourist can choose from a wide selection of activities ranging from the discovery of local crafts, through workshops of leatherwork or basketwork, to the most advanced technologies, by performing courses of electronic music or cinema. The island is also a reference in terms of natural therapies and wellness. How not to feel inspired after a yoga session in front of Es Vedrà!

How was your creative tourism program born?

Our program is pioneering in that all the island’s institutions, namely the Consell d’Eivissa and the five municipalities, have come together to promote the Creative Tourism. There are already an important number of such initiatives on the island that are very successful and enthusiastic. That is why, as institutions, we felt it was important to support and promote them.

What experiences would you recommend?

It is difficult to answer given the wide range of possibility.

The most typical could be those related to our traditions or our crafts, such as a workshop of braided sparte, or a course of local cooking. But also all those that involve interacting with the nature and knowledge of our territory, including hiking, snorkeling, bird watching in the Salines Natural Park and all the proposals that combine these activities with training workshops. But music production, photography, cinema and, ultimately, activities related to new technologies are also our strength.


Mr./D. Vicente Torres Guasch, President of Ibiza Island Council

What is the added value of creative tourism in Ibiza?

The territory in itself is the great diversity that characterizes it: the beauty of our small island, the contrast between the interior, which enjoys incredible vegetation dotted with pines, almond trees and carob trees, and our coast with its magnificent Creeks. I think that this diversity also positively influences our offer of creative activities. We like to say that the island hides many “Ibizas”, which translates into a wide variety of activities. Another great added value of creative tourism is its seasonal character which allows visitors to explore the island beyond the summer months. I invite you to come in February, in full bloom of almond trees, and to live a unique experience by participating in the many courses and activities organized on the island!








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