Heritage cooking workshops at MishkiLab in Quito

“Mishki Lab – The Tasty Laboratory”, is a proposal of the Quito Eterno Foundation to rescue the heritage importance of Ecuadorian food , our cooking workshops bring people closer to the food heritage from different proposals:

– Historic Food Workshop: we reconstruct dishes based on old recipes.
– The Cooking of the Grandmothers Workshop: re-valorization of knowledge at the intra-family level.
– Workshop that Cures: food as a process of promotion of physical, psychological and emotional health.
– Workshop Curing Plants: medicinal uses of plants, preparation of syrups and creams.

This initiative is strengthened through the partnership with “Sabor i Patrimonio”, whose objective is the historical research of culinary heritage and the Seed Guard Network, which seeks to promote knowledge of food sovereignty, agroecology, seed protection ancestral and fair trade between producers and consumers.


30 people


It is previously required to know the dietary restrictions of the participants.


Public transport (Ecovía stop: Eugenio Espejo Hospital).

Access by taxi.

Access of vans and tour buses.


The “Mishki Lab” House is located in the El Dorado neighborhood, Yaguachi and Numa Pompillo streets.


180 MIN
Includes: preparation and tasting of prepared recipes.


1 a 4 pax: $120.00
5 a 8 pax: $65.00
9 a 12 pax: $45.00
13 a 16 pax: $36.00
17 a 20 pax: $30.00
21 a 24 pax: $27.00
26 a 30 pax: $25.00



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