Gabrovo, Bulgaria

The municipality includes 133 villages, impressive with their natural sights. The Gabrovo villages are part of the magic of the region. Perched on the slopes of the Balkans, they are the ideal place for relax, summer residences for artists, art camps and performances. The nature of this mountainous city is this nuance, which softens the typical characteristics of city, whose industry cohabits in harmony with the cultural life and whose social-economical and community development involves messages and practices for an environmentally -friendly and healthy life.

Another local highlight is the industry. In the past Gabrovo was well known as Bulgarian Manchester and nowadays there are interesting possibilities for industrial tourism: for example, visiting a yogurt & cheese Factory and local workshops.

Gabrova is also known for its authentic crafts and various events. By the way, the city has been designated as a UNESCO Creative Cities in 2017.

Crafts, traditions, humour and satire as well as modern art are fundamental for Gabrovo’s cultural life. Cultural institutions in Gabrova are various: the “Etar” Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, the Museum of the architectural historical reserve of the authentic village of Bozhentsi, the “House of Humour and Satire” (the city is designated as Capital of Humour and Satire!) and the Interactive Museum of Industry. Gabrovo also hosts numerous international fairs and festivals as the  International fair of crafts, the International festival of humour and satire, the International meeting of the illusionists “Zaltna kotka”, the Festival of the spiritual music, the International festival of the chamber music and a number of other musical and theatrical forums, which form a knowledgeable audience with acute sensitivity.



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