BIOT, the creative pearl in Provence! 

Biot is not only a charming village for postcard. It was labelled CreativeFriendlyDestination by the The CreativeTourismNetwork® for its rich artistic heritage and its programs o creative tourism that invite local and international travelers to co-create in an inspiring atmosphere, immersed by the Provence lifestyle!  For centuries, Biot has held a special place in the esteemed field of art and handicrafts. Today, the pride of the village are the diverse professions that have forged its reputation.

Arts and crafts, belonging to both the economic and cultural realms, carry the identity of Biot, with a sociocultural aspect that the label brings with it. In 1997, Biot earned the “Arts and Crafts City” label for its glass crafts, symbolising both its know-how and traditions.

Many famous artists have found inspiration in Biot.  There are also numerous artist workshops and boutiques in Biot: painters, sculptors, illustrators, ceramists, jewellers, goldsmiths, leather craftsmen, photographers and more. Artisans with a passion for their trade, with the authentic setting of a French countryside village to inspire their creations. One of the most famous artists is Fernand Léger, who worked in his workshop in Biot during the last years of his life. The building is now a monumental national museum that presents his exceptionally diverse work to the public.

In the Middle Ages, pottery began to flourish here, with the art and fabrication of earthenware vases to preserve foods and liquids. Up to the 18th century, the Biot Vase was exported around the world. Today, it has become a decorative object, but is still honoured at the Biot History and Ceramic Museum and during events organised in the town.

Since the second half of the 20th century, hand-blown glass has become the new symbol of the village. The bubble glass and the technique developed by the engineer Éloi Monod in 1956 is unique in the world and trained an entire generation of craftspeople and artists. 

Today, glass art works have not only forged the reputation of the village but are also its pride. This delicate technique is used by the greatest master glassmakers to create majestic pieces, both household objects and works of art. There are several glassworks in Biot demonstrating the subtlety of the glass arts, each with their own unique creations reflecting their style.

Twenty artists open their workshop doors, to allow the discovery of their world in Biot’s unique creative experience !  For an hour, or a day, or a week, to learn their craft, share their daily lives, and why not take home a unique piece of their own creation, blow a vase, a glass or a sculpture, transform outdated jewellery, illustrate a children’s story, sculpt metal, trim a bonsai tree…

And last but not least, the Niza International Airport is just minutes from Biot!