Elaboration of vegan truffles & Chocolate tasting (Pacari) in Quito

1.- Elaboration of vegan truffles: the activity begins begins with an explanation of cocoa worldwide, the history of cocoa in Ecuador and the history of Pacari chocolate. Step by step it is tought how to make vegan chocolate truffles using mostly Pacari products (99% pacari) with the exception of marmalade.

After the elaboration of the truffles, we proceed with the elaboration of some boxes of Pacari where the client will keep the truffles that he has made, if they do not consume them in the place.

2.- It starts with chocolate tasting explaining the correct way to do it. It uses seven different flavors of chocolates highlighting the origin of each type. In this way the client learns in a professional way to taste a chocolate.


minimum 1 – maximum 10


Public Transport (trolleybus, Plaza Chica stop), Tourist bus (stop number 9), taxi.


Venezuela y Espejo, esquina. Tienda El Quinde


60 MIN


USD11.20 including VAT


Instagram: chocolate.experience
Facebook: Pacari Chocolate
Santiago García: +593-987138036

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