Where, when, what and how in ROME’s Wine country. 


In and around Frascati.

EasyFrascati.com is a group of people passionate about our town(s) and our wines and our pre-Roman history, who have lived in and around Frascati for decades, or that were even born here, decided it was about time to put everything worth mentioning in one place. Easy to read, easy to explore, making it easy for people to come to visit. Our ultimate aim is, in fact, to attract well deserved attention to this lovely place, famous for its wine, food, history and countryside. (Did you know that Frascati has provided ROME with wine for 2500 years, to Emperors, Popes, Princes; the only vineyards in the World that can boast a view over Rome?).

If you have already been to Rome, love food, wine, history and countryside why not avoid the hustle and bustle and do as they did during the Grand Tour?

Come to stay and visit Frascati and the Castelli Romani.

EasyFrascati.com is an exciting platform where, also thanks to the link with the local reception facilities,  tourists can get in touch with the warm of the inhabitants.

Courses and activities are intertwined in the land of vineyards!


Wine estate visits, Guide wine tastings, Cookery courses, Drawing and Painting courses, Sketchcrawls, Barista course (to make a perfect cappuccino and espresso), Photography workshops, Mountain bike trails through vineyards and archaeological sites, Drawing and Painting courses, Roman road walks, Horse riding through the vineyards and the countryside.

Furthermore an unlimited offer of cultural and musical events!  

More added each week.

 Web: www.easyfrascati.com